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#232 fixed Validate 2009 calibration mggr mark1

Specim calibrated the Eagle and Hawk sensors at the start of the 2009 season. We need to validate the calibration as best we can - this will primarily require an independent verification by FSF.

Mismatches in the overlap region between Eagle and Hawk still exist, as in previous years: Eagle/Hawk spectra using 2009 calibration over water

#298 fixed using fence causes flight line colours to change chrfi chrfi

build number : 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc974

to reproduce, open a selection of files (tested with 2, 3, 4, and 5 files) with fence unticked and any number of skipped points. Then click fence and select and area of the lines, click file, open and then check the fence box and click refresh. the expected result is to see the fenced area of the lines appear identically to when they were displayed as part of the overall lines. However the fenced lines display with different flight line colours.

#328 fixed user controled height colouring emca chrfi

it has become clear that trying to automatically remove high and low out liers from the colour generation is hard and complex. therefore a better method is to allow the user to control the height range the program uses when generating colours. anything above or below this height range is defaulted to the max or min value. this allows the user to remove outliers and also choose which height cross section they want to focus on (giving them higher colour resolution in the smaller height range)

preferable a pop out window, very small, with a couple of arrow buttons and text feild. the value is capped to the highest and lowest values and the max and min can be changed indipendantly (don't forget to prevent them making the min higher than the max)

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