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Support: 22/Jan/2007, Mohammed Haq (Mark Cutler), GB04/29

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Contacted by Bill handing over Mohammed's processing problem. He was having difficulties with DEMs (specifically formatting.

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A brief history of support so far.

23/Jan: sent him details for updated azgcorr

23-24/Jan: Ben kindly produced a DEM for him (we need to document the process for non-grass users)

24/Jan: Mohammed has a problem with mapping - the size of the output is such that azgcorr puts it into an external file. azexhdf then blows up (contacted Bill about this)

25/Jan: seems that it blows up anyway - asking Mohammed for a copy of his data (possibly 029/2004?) to have a look at.

Furthermore, from output that Mohammed has included, it looks like his file labelled "casi" contains ATM data. Going to see if we can check the NEODC archive.

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Mohammed has sent us a copy of the HDF file - looking at it with azexhdf, it's definitely ATM.

VGroup : ATM2
ATdesc        AZ16 version ATM scanner details, calibration and data
ATprog1       azatm 3.0.1 Mar 16 2005
ATprog2       azatm 3.0.1 Mar 16 2005 pass-2
ATsbend      ATrgyro      ATrmedia      MO disc
ATtype        AZ16
ATid          NERC
ATfov        ATpixfov     ATpixrec     ATpixred     ATpixsav     ATsscan      ATescan      ATchan       ATbpix       ATwavu       [11]  -> 11500.00
ATwavl       [11]  -> 8400.00
ATscps       ATbbtf       ATbb1        ATbb2        ATbbscan     ATsbb1       [10182]  -> 13.45000
ATsbb2       [10182]  -> 25.00000
ATvbb1       [10182]  -> 23966.00
ATvbb2       [10182]  -> 26477.00
ATsync       [10182]  -> 0
ATcal         calibrated
ATcalfmt      bandpairs
ATcaltab     [10]  -> 24533.00
ATradsc      [11]  -> 1000.00
ATimgmin     [11]  -> 3828.00
ATimgmax     [11]  -> 14604.00
ATimgzer     [11]  -> 0
ATimgovr     [11]  -> 0
SCimtype      calibrated scans
SCorder       BIL
SClndir       Right->Left
SCtiles       n/a
SCbands      SCpixels     SClines      SCpixfmt      uint16
SCHDFfmt     SCpixbytes   SCimover     SCimunder    SCposn        per scan
SCaxes        flight direction
SCxypix       pixel centre
SCpixwid     SCpixhgt     SCviewty      n/a
SCvplane     SCbedit      [10182]  -> 0000
SCpxyn       SCpxy_sc     ================================

Additional info from metadata section:

MIdesc        Mission and site details from flight logs
MIprog1       azsite 2.1.2 Mar 27 2005
MIcopyw       Data: (c) UK Natural Environment Research Council, 2004
MIairc        D-CALM
MIpilot       C.Joseph
MInavig       Track'Air
MIoper        S.Roberts
MIbase        Kidlington
MIdate        07/09/2004
MIfltno       04/047
MIprojco      04/029
MIpiaff       Dr.M.Cutler
MItarget      Glen Ogle
MIfline       5
MIaspeed      139kts
MItrack       1586291
MIalt         6291ft
MIweath       Clear Skies
MIcloud       0%
MIland        100%

comment:5 Changed 16 years ago by mggr

Gained access to NEODC archives. Unfortunately, there's no level 1 data available over the web for this dataset.

The L3 data there is definitely CASI, though only 3 bands are mapped so Mohammed probably can't use it as is :/

Asked him to check that he's not been given the wrong data by mistake.

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It was indeed ATM and he now has CASI and has corrected it :)

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