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#239 closed flight processing (fixed)

Boresight, flight day 131/2009, Little Rissington

Reported by: mggr Owned by: knpa
Priority: immediate Milestone: 2009 Data processing completion
Component: Archiving Keywords:
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Data location: ~arsf/arsf_data/2009/flight_data/arsf_internal/boresight_2009-131_little_riss

Data arrived from ARSF via SATA disk F on 12th May 2009.

Boresight flight


  • Eagle
  • Hawk

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comment:1 Changed 15 years ago by mggr

GPS basestation data appears incorrect (haven't tested), using smartnet to get another one.

comment:2 Changed 15 years ago by mggr

Looks like there was an Eagle crash on line 4, meaning the filenaming is incorrect vs the logsheet. Renaming eagle files as:

mv dataCube.raw       dataCube.raw     # no change
mv VNIR131-09-1.hdr   VNIR131-09-1.hdr # no change
mv VNIR131-09-1.log   VNIR131-09-1.log # no change
mv VNIR131-09-1.nav   VNIR131-09-1.nav # no change
mv VNIR131-09-1.raw   VNIR131-09-1.raw # no change
mv VNIR131-09-2.hdr   VNIR131-09-2.hdr # no change
mv VNIR131-09-2.log   VNIR131-09-2.log # no change
mv VNIR131-09-2.raw   VNIR131-09-2.raw # no change
mv VNIR131-09-3.hdr   VNIR131-09-3.hdr # no change
mv VNIR131-09-3.log   VNIR131-09-3.log # no change
mv VNIR131-09-3.raw   VNIR131-09-3.raw # no change
mv VNIR131-09.1-1.hdr VNIR131-09-4.hdr
mv VNIR131-09.1-1.log VNIR131-09-4.log
mv VNIR131-09.1-1.nav VNIR131-09-4.nav
mv VNIR131-09.1-1.raw VNIR131-09-4.raw
mv VNIR131-09.1-2.hdr VNIR131-09-5.hdr
mv VNIR131-09.1-2.log VNIR131-09-5.log
mv VNIR131-09.1-2.raw VNIR131-09-5.raw
mv VNIR131-09.1-3.hdr VNIR131-09-6.hdr
mv VNIR131-09.1-3.log VNIR131-09-6.log
mv VNIR131-09.1-3.raw VNIR131-09-6.raw
mv VNIR131-09.1-4.hdr VNIR131-09-7.hdr
mv VNIR131-09.1-4.log VNIR131-09-7.log
mv VNIR131-09.1-4.raw VNIR131-09-7.raw
mv VNIR131-09.1-5.hdr VNIR131-09-8.hdr
mv VNIR131-09.1-5.log VNIR131-09-8.log
mv VNIR131-09.1-5.raw VNIR131-09-8.raw

comment:3 Changed 15 years ago by mggr

Eagle renaming above was partly on timestamp too. Hawk also messed up, Jane renamed based on timestamp as:

mv dataCube.raw     dataCube.raw     # no change
mv HawkdataCube.hdr SWIR131-09-1.hdr
mv HawkdataCube.log SWIR131-09-1.log
mv HawkdataCube.nav SWIR131-09-1.nav
mv HawkdataCube.raw SWIR131-09-1.raw
mv Hawk131-09-2.hdr SWIR131-09-2.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-2.log SWIR131-09-2.log
mv Hawk131-09-2.nav SWIR131-09-2.nav
mv Hawk131-09-2.raw SWIR131-09-2.raw
mv Hawk131-09-3.hdr SWIR131-09-3.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-3.log SWIR131-09-3.log
mv Hawk131-09-3.nav SWIR131-09-3.nav
mv Hawk131-09-3.raw SWIR131-09-3.raw
mv Hawk131-09-4.hdr SWIR131-09-4.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-4.log SWIR131-09-4.log
mv Hawk131-09-4.nav SWIR131-09-4.nav
mv Hawk131-09-4.raw SWIR131-09-4.raw
mv Hawk131-09-5.hdr SWIR131-09-5.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-5.log SWIR131-09-5.log
mv Hawk131-09-5.nav SWIR131-09-5.nav
mv Hawk131-09-5.raw SWIR131-09-5.raw
mv Hawk131-09-6.hdr SWIR131-09-6.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-6.log SWIR131-09-6.log
mv Hawk131-09-6.nav SWIR131-09-6.nav
mv Hawk131-09-6.raw SWIR131-09-6.raw
mv Hawk131-09-7.hdr SWIR131-09-7.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-7.log SWIR131-09-7.log
mv Hawk131-09-7.nav SWIR131-09-7.nav
mv Hawk131-09-7.raw SWIR131-09-7.raw
mv Hawk131-09-8.hdr SWIR131-09-8.hdr
mv Hawk131-09-8.log SWIR131-09-8.log
mv Hawk131-09-8.nav SWIR131-09-8.nav
mv Hawk131-09-8.raw SWIR131-09-8.raw

comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by mggr

Apparently the Eagle was misbehaving and was in 2x spatial binning for the first 3 lines. The subsequent ones are 1x.

comment:5 Changed 14 years ago by benj

Had to reprocess these, scts were:

Eagle (previously recorded):

Line SCT
1 -0.02
2 -0.02
3 0.02
4 0.01
5 0.05
6 0.07
7 0.02
8 0.05


Line SCT
1 -0.05
2 -0.02
3 -0.04
4 -0.04
5 -0.01
6 0.00
7 -0.04
8 0.00

comment:6 Changed 14 years ago by knpa

  • Component changed from Processing: general to Archiving
  • Owner changed from benj to knpa
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Archived by DTG (12/01/10).
Preparing for NEODC.

comment:7 Changed 14 years ago by knpa

Ready for collection by NEODC.

comment:8 Changed 14 years ago by knpa

  • Resolution set to fixed
  • Status changed from assigned to closed

Transferred to NEODC.
Closing ticket.

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