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#541 new flight processing

HS2-AF14H788, flight day 236/2014, Blom Toton

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Priority: alpha 5 Milestone: 2014 data processing completion
Component: Processing: general Keywords:
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Data location: /users/rsg/arsf/arsf_data/2014/flight_data/blom/HS2-AF14H788/

Data arrived from Blom via disk Friday 5th September

Scientific objective:

Priority: Immediate

PI: Blom [Travis Mayne, Hamish Grierson]


Fenix (Requested)

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comment:1 Changed 9 years ago by knpa

There is a wide range of SCT values located between -13 and -15.

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comment:2 Changed 9 years ago by knpa

The first line initially appeared not be covered by it's nav file.

On closer inspection it looks like the header start time was wrong.

The original value (08:28) starts around a minute before the beginning of the nav file. Also, fps/lines gives ~58 seconds, which is half of the two minutes between the start and end times.

Changed 08:28 to 08:29 and file processed correctly with a similar SCT value to the other lines.

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comment:3 follow-up: Changed 9 years ago by knpa


There were virtually no wobbles in the flightlines, so these values don't have a high a confidence as usual.

1: -14.07
2: -15.23
3: -13.98
4: -13.07
5: -14.52
6: -14.0
7: -13.67
8: -15.27
9: -13.40
10: -14.29
11: -13.53
12: -13.82
13: -13.61
14: -13.52
15: -13.48

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comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by dac

Starting delivery check.

comment:5 Changed 9 years ago by dac

Delivery check complete. Apart from only 3 bands present in mapped files nothing major. Most issues related to standard ARSF text being used in readme/metadata.


  • States ARSF project - is this correct? There are some other ARSF specific things (Carl as contact, copyright etc.,)
  • In paragraph on 'Level 3' data phrases like 'will have had' imply some uncertainty - suggest 'have had'.
  • Paragraph on sensor calibration - suggest removing / rephrasing.
  • In DEM section 'Data Analysis Node' used, whereas DAN used earlier (suggest switching to define earlier).
  • In DEM section 'Will have been' used instead of just 'have been'.
  • Space in '( 30m)' change to '(30m)'


  • There are 2 DEMs - suggest just keeping the Blom DEM used for processing (patched_blom_wgs84.dem). Checked and both look the same. Readme should be updated accordingly.


  • Originator in metadata is ARSF Gloucester - Change to Blom(?)
  • Online resource is - not sure what this should be.
  • Calibration lab for is ARSF - Change to Specim?
  • Navigation unit was Oxford Technical Solution (OXTS) RT3050 (according to email).
  • Change captured by ARSF ops to captured by Specim(?)

Project Information

  • Also have ARSF details for flight details
  • Logsheet missing (as expected)
  • Data quality report missing (as expected for non-ARSF flight)

Level 1b

  • Band 149 - no data shown in zoom in fastQC - overview OK. Also OK in ENVI.
  • Bands 237 - 262 noise


  • Line 11 looks about 10 m too far south, likely SCT problem. The rest of the lines match well.
  • Mapped files only contain 3 bands.
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comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by dap

Fixing issues found in delivery check

comment:7 Changed 9 years ago by dap

New SCT value for line 11 is -13.85

comment:8 in reply to: ↑ 3 Changed 9 years ago by dap

Replying to knpa:

Note change in SCT value for line 11, as shown below:


There were virtually no wobbles in the flightlines, so these values don't have a high a confidence as usual.

1: -14.07
2: -15.23
3: -13.98
4: -13.07
5: -14.52
6: -14.0
7: -13.67
8: -15.27
9: -13.40
10: -14.29
11: -13.85
12: -13.82
13: -13.61
14: -13.52
15: -13.48

comment:9 Changed 9 years ago by dap

Fixed most issues with the delivery. Note that some things will need removing/changing after being checked and before being delivered. These are emboldened below.


  • Replaced almost every instance of ARSF with PML
  • Removed whole section on Pixels of Unreliable Quality
  • Fixed typo in dac's surname
  • Removed picture of aircraft
  • Removed part about DEMs being available from NEODC for academic use.
  • Space in "( 30m)" was due to a tilde not being escaped - have fixed this with \textasciitilde LaTeX command.
  • Replaced ARSF banner with PML logo, fit to text block width.
  • Haven't changed read me DEM text - READ ME needs to be changed before delivery is sent. This has been made obvious.
  • Have removed non-blom dem
  • Added comment in data quality remarks about severe underflows between specified bands in previous comment.


  • Replaced almost every instance of ARSF with PML in project information and line information xml.
  • Changed the project_information xml file so ARSF ops are not mentioned and ARSF DAN are only mentioned were appropriate. The original file is in the project_information directory as HS2-AF14H788-2014_236-project_original.xml for the purpose of quality checking. This will need to be removed if everything looks ok with the new xml file.
  • As above with line_information files. Original files are kept in line_information/original for the purpose of delivery checking. These will need to be removed before data is sent.

comment:10 Changed 9 years ago by dac

Delivery re-checked. The issues identified have been addressed.

The following additional changes have been made:

  • Commented out 'doc' in Delivery contents - directory also needs to be removed if nothing will be added.
  • Added section on DEM to Readme - specific to Blom
  • Removed link from project_information metadata.
  • Fixed XML for flightline information (missing end tag).
  • Changed disclaimer on XML to apply to PML (rather than NERC) and replaced remaining instances of ARSF in first file, dap to apply to remaining files.
  • Removed *.aux.xml files from mapped data (created by TuiView)
  • Created new screenshot mosaic (with updated SCT data) and added to Readme.

To do before delivering data:

  • Apply changes to all XML metadata files.
  • Remove original XML files.
  • Remove doc directory if unused.

comment:11 Changed 9 years ago by dap

Fixed more issues with line_information files in delivery. Changes made as follows:

  • Changed mentions of NERC to PML
  • Added PI to empty <gco:CharacterString> tag
  • Changed calibration file laboratories to "Unknown"
  • Changed .cal file name to Blom calibration file used
  • Changed .wls calibration file name to "Unknown"
  • Changed calibration file dates to "Unknown"
  • Changed base to "Unknown"
  • Changed sensor specifics from those of NERC's sensor to those of Blom's sensor
  • Changed platform to "Unknown"
  • Changed DEM source to "Unknown"
  • Removed data quality report references
  • Changed NERC/ARSF mentions in disclaimer to PML
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comment:12 Changed 9 years ago by dap

  • Moved original xml files to the relevant processing directories.
  • Did not remove doc directory, as it contains xsl and css files and not sure whether these are needed.
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