Feb 13, 2009:

11:01 AM Processing/GrafNavProcessing edited by mark1
11:01 AM Processing/GrafNavProcessing edited by mark1

Feb 5, 2009:

1:10 PM Ticket #116 (azgcorr seg fault) closed by mggr
wontfix: Closing unless retested with newer azgcorrs.

Feb 3, 2009:

5:46 PM Ticket #121 (Azatm -cuo option seemingly not working) closed by benj
fixed: Fixed, closing
5:46 PM Ticket #87 (Aznav omits initial 0 on grid references starting with 0) closed by benj
fixed: Fixed, closing
5:45 PM Ticket #198 (Southern hemisphere processing not working) closed by benj
fixed: Fixed, closing

Feb 1, 2009:

12:00 AM Milestone 2008 data processing completion completed
All tasks related to data processing in 2008

Jan 28, 2009:

6:09 PM Ticket #221 (Field in header files labelled 'fwhm' is actually bandwidth) created by benj
The field in Specim raw data header files labelled "fwhm" (Full Width …

Jan 27, 2009:

2:34 PM Processing edited by mggr

Jan 23, 2009:

12:39 PM Processing/KnownProblems edited by benj
Added more detail to the Eagle/Hawk sync section (diff)

Jan 20, 2009:

5:23 PM Ticket #220 (2009 flights affected by varying offset) created by benj
VOCALS 2008 flights 7-14 all have a small offset between Eagle and …
3:57 PM Ticket #86 (Azatm always reports scan rate as 50.0 when processing) closed by benj
fixed: Fixed in azatm.336. Closing.
3:28 PM Ticket #37 (azspec filepaths too short) closed by benj
fixed: Bill has updated the various az programs as part of work order 10, …

Jan 16, 2009:

2:36 PM Procedures/NewDataArrival edited by mark1

Jan 15, 2009:

2:21 PM Ticket #219 (Support: 17/Dec/08, Hassan Khavarian, Problems with azgcorr, queries ...) created by benj
Initial contact via NEODC on 17/12/08, subsequently direct. User had …

Jan 14, 2009:

5:27 PM lidar_quality_report_final.doc attached to Reports by mark1
Initial quality report for the Leica LIDAR instrument
10:19 AM Procedures/NEODCDelivery edited by mggr
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