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    1414and a Google Earth [#KMLFILE KML] file.
    16 == Event files ==#EVENTFILE
     16=== Event files ===#EVENTFILE
    1818The event file is a comma separated (csv) ASCII text file. This can be viewed in any simple text viewer or in most spreadsheet software (such as MS Excel or OpenOffice). The file contents are described more fully [ here]. The data contained in the file are post-processed navigation and attitude information, and should match up with the information that has been 'tagged' on to the TIFF images. Note that currently we do not have a method for calculating the camera boresight and so this is not included in the attitude values.
    20 == Thumbnail JPEG Images ==#JPEGFILES
     20=== Thumbnail JPEG Images ===#JPEGFILES
    2222The thumbnails are supplied as JPEG images. This is a type of compressed image format that can be opened by most image viewers. The supplied thumbnails include one for each of the full size TIFF photographs. These can be used to quickly scan through the data to search for required images.
    24 == Full size TIFF Images ==#TIFFFILES
     24=== Full size TIFF Images ===#TIFFFILES
    26 == Google Earth KML file ==#KMLFILE
     26The photographic data is supplied as full resolution, 16-bit, RGB TIFF images. This is an uncompressed image format that is supported by GIS systems and many image viewers. The images have been 'tagged' with extra fields of information including project meta-data and aircraft position and attitude. The tags can be read using software such as [ ExifTool]. The information in the tags is also available in the event file spreadsheet. Note that no geocorrection or othorectification has taken place on the images and they are supplied in the orientation that they were captured.
     28=== Google Earth KML file ===#KMLFILE
     30The KML file is a Google Earth format file written in a markup language (similar to XML). This file can be opened and viewed in Google Earth. It displays the location of the aircraft at specific times, location of Eagle and Hawk flight lines (if any were captured) and locations of where the photographs were captured. Clicking on the individual photograph icons should show the corresponding thumbnail image.
    2833=== Read-Me and Data quality report === #PDFFILES