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Q: What is the difference between aplcorr and azgcorr


Both aplcorr and azgcorr are programs that allow geocorrection of NERC-ARF hyperspectral imagery. azgcorr is produced by Azimuth Systems, and was used for correction of NERC-ARF imagery prior to the 2011 flying season, aplcorr is part of the Airborne Processing Library (APL) written in-house at NERC-ARF-DAN and has been used for data processing from 2011 onwards.

Most hyperspectral flights from 2008 onwards have been reprocessed to support APL, please contact us if these data aren't available within the archive at NEODC.

For data flown prior to 2008, NERC no longer have a license for azgcorr so if you need to geocorrect these data you will have to 1) purchase an individual licence from Azimuth Systems or 2) request to have the data reprocessed by NERC-ARF-DAN.

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