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    66 1. Load the Leica photo processing software
    77    * Under Windows, select start->programs->leica->calibration->Calibration Post Processing
    8     * If using wine, run "leica_photo_processing"
     8    * If using wine, run "leica_photo_processing" - currently only works as mggr.
    99 1. Select the appropriate camera config (Parameters)
    1010    * As of late 2009, this is CH39_021_060
    1111    * There may be updates to this as the camera is recalibrated
     12     * At the start of 2010 the camera has been modified to use more of the CCD (in calibration - final images may still be the same size). We have a different calibration file for all data collected from start of 2010. (These are currently set up in the processing software. If data prior to 2010 needs to be re-processed then the calibration files will need to be changed and an older version of processing software installed.)
    1213 1. Select the input files
    1314    * Typically this will be something like ~airborne/workspace/IPY09_11-2009_219_Helheim/leica/rcd/images
    14     * You can click and shift-click to select a list from the open file dialog, but be aware that it appears to take about 5 seconds per file under wine, so expect a long wait while it's thinking (it hasn't crashed!)
    1515 1. Ensure both Auto Contrast and Adaptive Left-Right Balance are selected.
    1616 1. Select the output directory