Common command line options for azatm

Verbose output

Do not write sync data to HDF.

-tc <Sync_Corr>
Time correction in seconds to add to scan sync to match nav with scans (default 0).

-g <LBound> <UBound>
Scan number jump gap rejection. Rejects scan if scan number is not between <LBound> and <UBound> difference (exclusive) from the previous scan. Defaults to 0-8.

-i <File_Path>
Location of copy of AZ16 MO disc entry. If omitted then run is assumed to be calibration only.

-h <File_Path>
Location of output level 1 HDF file.

-cal <File_Path>
Location of file containing radiometric calibration coefficients.

To get a more complete (somewhat dense) listing of azatm command-line switches type "azatm" with no arguments at the command-line. Note still may not be exhaustive.

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