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LiDAR Calibration Notes - Known Software issues


  • AutoBoreSight.exe error -"Boresight programme could not be found"
    • Resolution: Check projection is correct (UTM or OSGB)
      • Note: sometimes this doesn't fully resolve the issue, in which case currently no solution has been found.
  • Further details (Calibration 2013)
    • Autoboresight.exe is a program running within Attune. When autoboresight.exe crashes it doesn't necessarily crash Attune.
      In this case usually just autoboresight.exe crashed and therefore wasn't creating an output.
      On the one occasion that autoboresight.exe was consistently working and a reasonable number of tie points were collected Attune itself crashed.
      When the attune project was reloaded and autoboresight.exe was run again it would crash but attune would stay open.

lasground /

  • Failing on a section of line
    • Resolution: Use a different line or manually classify that line.


  • RangeCardCal Error
    • Resolution: RangeCardCal File missing from "Sent to" (C:\Documents and Settings\*user*\SendTo) folder, this file can be copied and pasted from another person's SendTo folder.
      • Alternatively use a different user's account that has already been set up.

  • Pulse Rate error when loading in raw LiDAR data - Doesn't appear to change the result, currently no solution

We are investigating the issues related to the software errors and have contacted the manufacturer (Calibration Ticket)

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