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     1= Matching two flight lines by applying Boresight corrections =
     3This page summarises how to match two flight lines together if they do not line up, by using boresight corrections.
     5== Usage ==
     7The IDL script `` will take 2 images and utilise either a feature match or area-based match to generate tie-points, or will use tie-points given in a separate file. When IDL is started, at the prompt type:
     9`envi, /restore_base_save_files`
     11This will setup the ENVI functionality. Then (if the script is not in your current directory include the path to the file) type:
     15to compile the script. To run the script type the following command, replacing the $words with their respective values:
     17`getboresight, '$basefilename' ,'$warpfilename','$matchtype','$height','$HORIZONTAL','$headdir','$outputdirectory'`
     20 * $basefilename is the master/base file (tif image you want to match to)
     21 * $warpfilename is the slave/warp file (tif you want to match to the basefile)
     22 * $matchtype is either 'feature', 'area' or '<filename>' where filename is GCP file in ENVI format
     23 * $height is the height of the aircraft when the warpimage was acquired
     24 * $HORIZONTAL is either 'horiz' or 'nothoriz' depending on the heading of the aircraft. Suggest 'horiz' if heading is in ranges 355-005, 085-095, 175-185 or 265-275.
     25 * $headdir depends on heading direction: '+' if heading 0->179 else '-'
     26 * $outputdirectory is the name of a directory to spit out jpgs and txt files