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    1313To set up a new project you first need to specify the location of APL files. Go to File menu, select Executable Path... and find the folder containing aplcorr, apltran and aplmap executables.
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    1717Next you need to specify the location of the project directory, which is the folder containing your data. Again use File menu and select Project Directory... to specify the path to data files. The title of AplGUI window should now change to ARSF Mapper: project_folder_name.
    2121Once you are happy with your selections you can save the configuration to a file to avoid setting it again every time you start the program. Simply go to File menu > Save Settings and chose a file to store the configuration. You can also store settings for different projects in separate files. To load previously saved settings go to File > Load Settings.
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    2525== Creating an IGM file ==
    2929Next click on Save As button next to Output IGM File and specify the name of the file that is about to be produced. Finally click the Run button at the bottom to start the processing. A dialog with progress bar will now pop up and the information about the processing will be displayed in the text box on the panel.
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    3333Once the process is complete you can move on to the next step.
    3737The IGM file produced in the previous step will be in geographic latitude/longitude. If you wish to transform this projection to something else you will need to use Transform IGM panel.
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    4141Click the Browse button next to Input IGM file to select the file or just copy and paste the path from Output IGM file on the previous panel. Next select desired output projection and output file name and press run at the bottom again. Your transformed file should be ready within seconds.
    4545Now that you have an IGM file in the required projection it is time to map the level-1 data to a regular grid. You can use the third panel of AplGUI to create a map of level-1 data using projection of the IGM file.
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    4949First select an IGM file produced with either first or the second panel of AplGUI, depending on the projection. Then select the corresponding level-1 file. Finally specify the name for the mapped output file. You will also have to select the bands to be mapped and the pixel size in relevant units, again based on the projection used. Optionally you can adjust some of the advanced settings, like output data type interpolation method or specify a particular are to be mapped.
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    5353Once you are happy with the settings press Run button to create the mapped level-3 file.