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    1414Please read the above guides as they cover the subject in much more detail than we can here. The following should give a brief summary of general "do's and don'ts", some of which may be obvious but are easy to forget when out in the field.
     16=== Prior to the survey ===
     18* Test the instruments - both to check that they are working and to give you practice in using them. Ideally attend training courses such as that offered by the Field Spectroscopy Facility (FSF), this is a requirement if you borrow instruments from FSF.
     19* Plan the survey - identify suitable targets before the survey day, either by visiting the site in person or using online or offline map data. Save as much time as possible so that when the survey day arrives you can spend your time collecting measurements. Only consider targets within the area of the remote sensing survey.
     20* Remember the spare batteries - don't get out to the field only to find you have no power.
     21* Remember to take lunch / refreshments with you - it will be a long day!
     23=== At the survey ===
    1625* Do not stand between the sun and the survey point - you will cast a shadow over the area. Ideally stand as far back as possible so as not to create erroneous reflections.