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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01865 374 391)
     7== 6th January 2009 ==
     8''From January the 11th the ARSF will be relocating to Glocestershire Airport. For the past 18 months NERC has tried without success to secure a  continuation of our hangarage and office lease with the owners of Oxford Airport. Many obstacles have been presented to us regarding the lease, but unfortunately after 18 months of negotiations no satisfactory outcome for either party has been possible, therefore it has been agreed the current agreement with Oxford Airport our landlord will expire on 30th January 2009. Our change of premises will make no difference to your relationship with the ARSF. The operational aspects of the facility will remain the same albeit you should see some improvements derived from efficiencies gained from the better infrastructure we will have at our disposal.''
     10''The application and review process equally will not be affected by the change in location, neither will our email addresses
     11From 11th Jan 2009 our phone  and fax numbers will however change to 01452859945 and the fax number will be published on the 11th  January. For a short period of time the current ARSF phone number will continue to work via automatic transfer.''
     13''The new address will be:
     14NERC-ARSF Operations Centre
     15Firfax House
     16Meteor Business Park
     17Cheltenham Road East
     22== 2009 ==
     23''You may know already that the ARSF is moving its base of operation to Gloucester Airport, if not you will learn about the change from our website and from the minutes of the last steering committee meeting We are constantly reviewing our operation and looking for ways to be more efficient and cost effective.''