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     9== 19th June 2009 ==
     10''The Leica ALS50-II is repaired and indications from the data gathered from the AISA Eagle and Hawk are that previously identified stability fault has been solved. Following a week of routine maintenance, training and attending to the requirements of the NERC and NCEO grant application process prior to the impending deadlines will be conducted. UK remote sensing should resume on the 29.06.09 when we hope to support Leighton Moss (GB09-05), Oxford Parks (GB09-00), Inverclyde (GB07-07), Abernethy Forest (GB09-11), GB08-13 (Lake Vrynwy) and GB08-06 (Bleaklow-Black Hill).  The specific order in which these projects may be supported will be dependent on forecasted (and reported) local weather conditions.''
     13== 15th June 2009 ==
     14''Following indications of good conditions in Cumbria on Friday (12.06.09) the ARSF attempted to collect data in support of GB09-05. Unfortunately, the Leica ALS50-II (LiDAR) developed a fault that prevented its operation. The identification of the problem commenced on landing and ARSF and Leica staff are working on the implementation of a quick solution this problem. Should the instruments be operational in the next few days then we hope to be able to return to Leighton Moss (GB09-05), Oxford Parks (GB09-00), Inverclyde (GB07-07) and Abernethy Forest (GB09-11), subject to field availability and training.''
     16''Next week (22.06.09), the Dornier will undergoing routine maintenance and both instrument operators will be undergoing training with Itres for the operation of the Itres TABI later in the year. Data collection should resume on the 29.06.09 when we hope to support those projects for which
     17data were not collected this week and GB08-13 (Lake Vrynwy), GB08-06  (Bleaklow-Black Hill).''
    920== 13th May 2009 ==