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     9== 16th July 2009 ==
     10''Last week, despite continuing problems with the AISA Hawk, data were collected in support of GB08-06 (Bleaklow) and GB07-07 (Inverclyde). Due to the aforementioned instrument problems these acquisitions were conducted in close consultation with the research teams. Specim (the manufacturer of the Eagle and Hawk) are due to fit new components next week and the instrument will be tested to check the success of these measures. ''
     12''Weather conditions during this week have been poor (and some field teams have been unavailable). The Dornier should be collecting atmospheric data at the end of the week (17.07.09) in support of GB09-01 and GB09-02 but we hope be able to support more of the UK science projects in the remaining weeks of July.  Project awaiting our attention are: GB09-11 (Abernethy Forest), GB08-10 (Denny Woods), GB09-05) Leighton Moss, GB08-15 (Eaves Wood), GB08-08 (Wytham Woods) and a commissioned project SOT09-01 (Harwood Forest and Brooms Farm). In the event of poor weather conditions and restricted crew availability, some of these projects are likely to be rolled into the middle of August.  Additionally, we will endeavour to repeat acquisitions in support of GB08-06 or GB09-00 if pre-processing indicates that key areas-of-interest were obscured by cloud cover or cloud shadow.''
     14''In early August the ARSF will be deploying to Iceland and Greenland and in late August to the European Alps. UK projects that we hope to support in the August / September period are GB08-19 (London), GB08-08 (Lake Vyrnwy), GB07-07 (Inverclyde), a possible CEH project (CEH09-01, awaiting details) and any outstanding (and relevant) projects from the July list. ''
    917== 19th June 2009 ==