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     9== 18th August 2009 ==
     10''We have continuing problems regarding the serviceability of the Leica LiDAR and RCD camera and the Specim Hawk and crew availability due to illness. Despite good conditions in the South of the UK on Wednesday and the West of the UK on Thursday it seems very unlikely that we will be able to collect data this week.''
     12''I do not expect this situation to change before the ARSF’s planned deployment to the Alps. However, I  will contact the relevant field teams if the outlook improves.'' 
     15== ARSF Sitrep 13.08.09 ==
     16''The Dornier took off from Reykjavik at 10:20 hours (local time) and landed at Gloucester airport 5 hours later. The aircraft and crew are well. ''
     18''Special thanks need to go to Eggert Gudmundsson, Mary McCready and Dave Stowers of the Sondrestrom Research Facility (Kangerlussuaq, Greenland) and Halldor Geirsson and Tomas Jahannesson of the Iceland Meteorology Office. Both group provided valuable GPS support for our respective deployments there.''
     20''At the start of next week instrument manufacturers are due to visit the ARSF-Ops base at Gloucester Airport to correct and repair some of the instrument failures that occurred during the Iceland/Greenland deployment. Following this it hoped that some of the remaining UK projects will be supported prior to departure to the European Alps in the week after.''
     23== ARSF Sitrep 12.08.09 ==
     24''At 10:00 hrs (local time) the Dornier took-off and headed to the study sites at Mýrdalsjökull and South of Vatnajökull (in support of EU09-06). Despite forecasts of clear conditions Mýrdalsjökull had extensive cloud cover. However, one large, stationary gap in the cloud allowed three lines of LiDAR to be collected before cloud cover covered the area of interest. The sites South of Vatnajökull were investigated but were also covered in cloud. The Dornier landed at Hornafjördur airport at 13:00 hrs (local time) to wait for any improvements. This airport was to the East of the study areas but was closer to the study sites than Reykjavik.''
     26''Consultation with the on-site field team, the Icelandic Meteorological Office, the tower officials at Hornafjördur airport and the viewing of satellite imagery indicated that any improvement would be slight and conditions would deteriorate later in the day (12.08.09).''
     28''At 15:00 hrs (local time) the Dornier launched from Hornafjördur airport and explored the area South of Vatnajökull and Mýrdalsjökull on its way back to Reykjavik. Attempts to collect data were once again unsuccessful due to cloud cover. At 16:30 hrs (local time) the Dornier landed at Reykjavik. The total flying time for both legs was approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes.''
     30''Further forecasts and information indicate that cloud conditions in Iceland are worsening and that Wednesday was the best opportunity for the collection of any data from these study areas. During our deployment in Iceland 7 attempts to collect data from the site South of Vatnajökull (EU09-06) have been made and two of the four study areas have been surveyed. Mýrdalsjökull (EU09-06) has had cloud over it for the whole period that the ARSF have been in Iceland. The EU09-06 sites have been the priority survey locations in Iceland. However, Langjökull (IPY09-08) has also been consistently covered by cloud and similarly does not shown any prospect of a reduction of its cloud cover.''
     32''Due a the forecasted decline in weather conditions over Iceland, and the need to rectify a series of instrument failures, the ARSF will depart Reykjavik on the 13.08.09 and return to the UK. ''
     35== ARSF Sitrep 11.08.09 ==
     36''At 9:30 am (local time) the Dornier took off to collect data from Langjökull (IPY09-08). Localised cloud cover prevented any data collection and the Dornier returned to Reykjavik airport 2 hour later.''
     38''At 4:00 pm, with the prospect of improving conditions to the South of Vatnajökull, the Dornier launched from Reykjavik but once again cloud conditions prohibited data collection. The Dornier returned to Reykjavik at 6:00pm.''
     40''Wednesday and Thursday are forecasted to be the most promising days for the successful collection of data from the South of Iceland (EU09-06). It is planned that the Dornier transits to South Iceland and potentially waits at Hornfjördur airfield to take advantage of the forecasted conditions.''   
     43== ARSF Sitrep 10.08.09 ==
     44''From a take-off at 11:00 am (local) the Dornier collected data from two of five locations, South of Vatnajökull, in support of EU09-06. These data acquisitions took advantage of localised gaps in the cloud cover. Despite the thin cloud, strong returns were gained for all sites from the ALS50 (LiDAR). Unfortunately, the RCD105 failed part way through the first site. Hyperspectral VIS-NIR data were collected but were subject to scattered cloud cover and cloud shadow. The acquisition took 3 hours and 40 minutes before refuelling at Hornafjördur airport. ''
     46''Sufficient fuel was taken off to complete the project but cloud conditions did not allow further data to be collected. After a one hour flight the Dornier landed at Reykjavik airport.''
     48''The manufacturers of the RCD105 (Leica) have been contacted for advice regarding the failure, believed to be related to moisture due to the cold, humid conditions and changes in altitude. It is hoped that this instrument will be operational again soon.''
     50''If conditions allow, a return visit to Southern Iceland in support of EU09-06 is planned tomorrow (11.08.09). Weather conditions are forecast to be particularly good on Wednesday (12.08.09) when we hope to complete EU09-06 and IPY09-06 (Langjökull).''
     53== ARSF Sitrep 09.08.09 ==
     54''Today (Sunday), weather conditions did not allow any data to be collected. Instead flight planning details were reviewed and updated to include the possibilities of flying some of the sites at a lower altitude with more flight lines.''
     56''Tomorrow, there are some indications that clear weather may be found in the most Southerly study areas. A field team is on location and can provide a first hand observation of conditions at those sites. The ARSF crew remain ready to collect data should suitable conditions present themselves. ''
     59== ARSF Sitrep 08.08.09 ==
     60''Conversations with the Icelandic Meteorological Office and investigation of web-based weather forecasts indicate Sunday to have a low probability of conditions suitable for the collection of data from any of the study sites in Iceland. However, an improvement in conditions is predicted (by the IMO and forecasting software) for Tuesday and Wednesday.''
     62''Daily communication with field teams providing dGPS support and conducting their own field work mean that any improvements in weather conditions can be exploited. ''   
     65== ARSF Sitrep 07.08.09 ==
     66''The Dornier took off from Kulusuk airport at 9:30 (local time) and completed a one hour survey of Helheim Glacier (IPY09-11). Cloud cover restricted the survey altitude but LiDAR, photography and visible-NIR hyperspectral data were collected. The LiDAR data had good signal returns and illumination levels were high. Declining weather conditions indicated this may have been the last opportunity to complete the repeat survey.''
     68''After returning to Kulusuk airport to refuel the Dornier took off for Iceland at 11:30 (local time). The flight was approximately two and a half with arrival in Reykjavik at approximately 16:00 (local time).''
     70''With poor weather conditions, Saturday (08.08.09) will be a hard down day.'' 
     73== ARSF Sitrep 06.08.09 ==
     74''At 10 am (local time) the Dornier left Kangerlussuaq for the 2 hour flight to Kulusuk (a journey from the west to the east coast of Greenland).''
     76''From Kulusuk, a one hour survey over Helheim (IPY09-11) resulted in the successful acquisition of LiDAR data and digital photography. The conditions were overcast but with high levels of illumination. Visible and NIR data were also collected using the Specim Eagle but the overlaying cloud will influence these data.''
     78''Tomorrow morning a repeat survey of Helheim is planned, followed by a return to Iceland.''
     81== ARSF Sitrep 05.08.09 ==
     82''We launched at 10am (local time) to support IPY09-10 collecting data from the Russell Glacier, atmospheric conditions were exceptional. The full instrument suite was operated (Leica ALS50, RCD digital camera, Specim Eagle and Specim Hawk) and post flight quality checks showed the LiDAR data to be of  particularly good quality. However, the Specim Hawk failed at the start of the survey and the Eagle developed problem such that data are yet to be recovered. The duration of the flight was 3 hours and fifteen minutes.''
     84''Three of the personnel from the Kellyville Radar station (also known as the Sondrestrom Upper Atmospheric Research Facility) were given a tour of the Dornier. This facility have been collecting dGPS data to support the ARSF’s activities in the Kangerlussuaq area.'' 
     86''The intention for tomorrow is to relocate to Kulusuk, conduct a survey in support of IPY09-11 (Helheim Glacier), stay overnight and then repeat the survey before flying to Reykavik (Iceland).''
     90== ARSF Sitrep 04.08.09 ==
     91''Following our concerns yesterday, a series of test flights and post-flight quality checks showed the ALS50 to be functioning and the LiDAR data collected to be of good quality.''
     93''A firmware and software update  provided by Leica  did not solve the problem with the RCD105 digital camera.  Therefore, it is not anticipated that RCD105 digital photography data will be collected during the surveys in Greenland.''
     95''The main requirement for the Greenland and Iceland projects are LiDAR data.  Nevertheless, photographic data were also requested for these projects but discussions with PIs indicate that the collected Specim Eagle data may partially satisfy some of the roles that these data were to fill.''
     97''The forward plan for Wednesday (05.08.09) will be to fly the Greenland projects without photography as per the direction of the PI.''
    9100== 27th July 2009 ==