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     9== 25th September 2009 ==
     10''Today, data were collected in support of GB08-08 (Wytham Woods) and GB08-10 (Denny Wood).
     11Cloud conditions are forecasted to be poor (or tide conditions unsuitable) for all UK study sites on Saturday but if conditions improve then we hope to collect data on Sunday (27.09.09). On Sunday, if conditions are suitable, we hope to support GB08-06 (Bleaklow), GB09-05 (Leighteon Moss) and GB08-15 (Eaves Wood). Research teams will be updated on Saturday afternoon if the weather forecast indicates that these flights are viable on Sunday.'' 
     13== 24th September 2009 ==
     14''Following an extended period of instrument repairs and aircraft maintenance the Dornier should conduct a calibration flight on Friday morning (25.09.09). Unfortunately, the RCD105 digital camera is still not serviceable but Leica Geosystems have identified the fault and a fully functioning camera will be fitted ASAP. Fitting the RC10 analogue large format camera in the interim would have entailed additional delay and would have required the movement of the other sensors so requiring their re-survey. Other instruments are fully serviceable.''
     16''We anticipate that data may be collected on Friday after midday. At present the Met. Office forecast indicates that the best likelihood of good conditions will be found on the South coast but those sites near the calibration and boresights may also be clear. Should these sites be obscured but other clear data collected may be relocated to Cumbria and the Midlands. However, GB08-08 (Wytham Woods), GB09-00 (Oxford Parks) and GB08-10 (Denny Woods) are the most likely sites where data may be collected on Friday.''
     18''There is some disagreement between forecast sites in the following days (the weekend) but the ARSF will endeavour to collect data from any site where there is a good indication that conditions will be clear over this period. Potential projects for support over the weekend are GB08-06 (Bleaklow), GB08-02 (Delamere Forest), GB08-15 (Eaves Wood), GB09-05 (Leighton Moss), GB08-13 (Lake Vyrnwy) and GB08-10 (Denny Woods) if not supported on Friday.''
     20''In the coming two weeks (prior to the final preparations for departure to Ethiopia) the ARSF will attempt to support as many projects as possible. Potential project for support in this period include those previously identified, GB08-19 (London), GB07-07 (Inverclyde), GB09-11 (Abernethy Forest), GB08-13 (Lake Vyrnwy), GB06-02 (Frieston Shore), GB09-04 (Coed-e-Brenin), SOT09-01 (Harwood Forest and Brooms Farm) and several CEH  and BGS projects. It is very unlikely that all these projects will be supported prior to the ARSF’s departure (~18.10.09). Priority will be determined by alpha grade, weather and if the project marks the final component of a sequence of acquisitions. ''
    923== 18th August 2009 ==