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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01865 374 391)
     7== 26th October 2009 ==
     9''Today (26.10.09) the ARSF successfully collected data from the Northern section of the Afar study area. All North - South flight lines and one cross line were completed (800 line km surveyed). Take-off was at 08:30 hrs (local) and the survey duration was 5 hours. The conditions were judged as good, the early part of the survey was totally cloud-free and only slight cloud was present in the later parts (no line had more than 1% cloud) . Observations from the previous day indicated that the late Mornings were the best period for data collection as it was before significant cloud accumulated.''
     11''The data collected from the middle section (yesterday), has been checked and is of a comparable quality to that collected from UK surveys. The AISA Eagle has exhibited some dropped frames in a similar manner to those observed (and solved) with the AISA Hawk earlier in the season. Otherwise, the instruments are working satisfactorily. ''
     13''Tomorrow (27.10.09), the intention is to complete the remaining cross lines in the Norther section and then redeploy to Addis Ababa as the base of operations for the survey of the Southern section of the Afar study site.''
     15== 25th October 2009 ==
     17''Today (25.10.09) the ARSF successfully collected data from the central section of the Afar study area. The conditions were judged as 9/10 with slight haze and the flight was 4 hours with return at Mekele at 14:00 hrs (local). It is hoped that tomorrow data will be collected from the North section of the Afar study area.''
     19== 24th October 2009 ==
     21''On Saturday the Dornier and crew relocated from Addis Ababa to Mekele (the ARSF's base of operations in the Afar region). Arrival in Mekele was at 16:00 hrs (local). ''
     22''Contact has been established with the military observer; he will be accompanying the crew throughout the project.''
     23''On Sunday, the intention is to collect data from the middle section (of three sections) of the study area.''
     25== 22nd October 2009 ==
     26''On Wednesday, at 19:00 hours (local time) the ARSF Dornier completed the 5 and a half hour last leg of its journey from the UK to Ethiopia (Addis Ababa). Ben Taylor, who will be providing on site data management and processing support, arrived safely at Adais Ababa early this morning and has met up with the aircrew.  A quick, but comprehensive, ground operations check was conducted this morning and did not indicate any problems. Both crew, aircraft are well.''
     28''Today the crew have a sequence of meetings with the Ethiopian CAA and airport authorities and should meet with the project’s PI later today. Tomorrow will be spent training and preparing for departure to Mekele on Saturday.''
    730== 07th October 2009 ==