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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01865 374 391)
     7== ARSF Flights 26.07.10 ==
     8''Today the ARSF had hoped to depart for Sweden in support of two projects based there. Unfortunately, the revised weather forecasts indicated that conditions were not suitable for the collection of good data today or tomorrow. Consequently, our departure has been delayed. Additionally, the weather conditions in the UK, Iceland and the European Alps are forecast as poor. There may be improvements later in the week and we will issue our intentions based on where the best weather is (should it improve!) later this week.'' 
     11== ARSF Sit Rep. 20.07.10 ==
     12''The ARSF Crew departed Santander and arrived into Gloucester Airport just after midday.''
     14== ARSF Sit Rep. 19.07.10 ==
     15''We completed a final survey area for the same PI. The area consisted of 11 flight lines and was completed in just over 2 hours.
     16Simultaneous measurements,  from a boat situated in the coastal areas of the project site, were carried out during both of the flights.
     17The tranche of data collected totals something in the order of 10,700 files 331-GB of combined AISA, LiDAR and TABI data, and  1.4 GB of digital photography (9000-frames) A concluding meeting with the e EUFAR10-02 project team leaders is planned this evening where we will confirm that all expectations have been met and  the team is satisfaction with the ARSF's efforts.''
     19== ARSF Sit Rep. 18.07.10 ==
     20''The ARSF crew continued with the EUFAR10-02 project, Coastal Zone Management-(CZM) in the Santander region of Spain.
     21Yesterday we flew for a total of 6 hours completing one area project for the PI (Professor Elena Casilo Lopez) the project required us to fly a coastal area consisting of 18 flight lines twice. The Weather conditions were as good as forecasted, or better, and the survey was completed without problems.''
     23== ARSF Flights 17.06.10 ==
     24''The EUFAR funded project, 'A.New' (ARSF ref. EUFAR10-03), has been completed and the aircraft has been positioned to Santander in preparation for the EUFAR funded project, AIRES_CZM (ARSF ref. EUFAR10-02). The crew had a preliminary meeting with all of the three main scientists to confirm and finalize the flight details. Santander-1 will be flown twice tomorrow (Sunday 18th July) and Santander-2 flown on Monday (18th July). ''
    727== ARSF Flights 15.06.10 ==