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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     8== ARSF Flights 08.09.10 ==
     9'' With marginal conditions in Sweden and Iceland the ARSF hope to collect data from the UK. Over the next week we hope to support a project in Salisbury Plain (CEH09-01) over the weekend and Scotland and North England (BGS08-01, BGS08-03/04 and SOT09-01). Later this month we hope to collect data in support of GB06-02, GB03-01 and GB09-11 (throughout the UK). These collections require good weather conditions, but we will also try to match them to specific tidal conditions and field instrument availability. ''
     11'' Additionally, I would like to remind you of the deadline for ARSF direct access applications (8th of October). Please contact me if you require an application form or information to guide your consideration or completion of an application form. ''
     14== ARSF Sitrep 27.08.10 ==
     15'' Yesterday (26.08.10), the ARSF completed the final section of the alpha five Lake Balaton site (EU10-03). Condition were good and early cloud was cleared by strong winds.  The team proceeded to complete flights over Kis-Balaton and the perimeter of Lake Balaton in support of EUFAR10-01, thus completing this project. ''
     17'' After a hard day of data collection, the team gained a good night of rest and hope to tack-off from Hungary to Gloucester, UK, at 10:00 hrs (local time). ''
     20== ARSF SItrep 25.08.10 ==
     21'' A total of 153 gb of data were collected on Monday (23.08.10) from Lake Balaton (EU10-03) and its perimeter (EUFAR10-03). ''
     23'' On Tuesday (24.08.10), after a very small volume of data were collected from the perimeter of Lake Balaton (EUFAR10-03), the incursion of cloud prevented any further airborne operations.  ''
     25'' This cloud was widely forecast for today (25.08.10) and the crew are taking a ‘down day’ to recuperate from the sequence of busy flying. Later this afternoon we hope to meet the participants of the EUFAR summer school at the airport to show them the Dornier. ''
     27'' Good conditions are forecast for tomorrow and should be present we should be able to complete the Lake Balaton and Lake Balaton perimeter projects. We also hope to complete a remaining area of Kis-Balaton (an wetland area to the South West of the Lake) and a small EUFAR summer school project to the North of the Lake. ''
     29== ARSF SItrep 23.08.10 ==
     30'' Saturday (21.08.10) and Sunday (22.08.10) have provided good clear conditions and allowed us maximise our collection of data. On Saturday, despite a delayed start due to cloud, over 158gb of data were collected in support of projects in/over Lake Balaton (EU10-03 and EUFAR10-01).  ''
     32'' Sunday had good condition from the start and after an early take-off, over 242 gb of data were collected. Data were collected from Lake Balaton (EU10-03 and EUFAR10-01) and from a site to the North of the lake being used by the EUFAR summer school (EUFAR10-07). ''
     34'' Good conditions continued on Monday (23.08.10) where after another early start we  collected further data from are area of the lake subject to an algal bloom (EU10-03) and the lake perimeter (EUFAR10-03). These data are being downloaded, backed up and will be quality checked tomorrow. ''
     37== ARSF SItrep 20.08.10 ==
     38'' Wednesday the 18th of August ''
     40'' Extensive overcast conditions did not allow any data to be collected on the 18th of August. The ARSF crew used the time to continue ongoing work on reports, submissions and presentations. ''
     42'' Thursday the 19th of August ''
     44'' Ten flight lines over an area to the East of Lake Balaton (in support of EUFAR10-06) were completed. These comprised of ~199 gb of data (110 gb of ASIA Eagle, 32 gb of Hawk, 2 gb of Tabi, 21.5 gb of LiDAR, 30 gb of RCD photography and atmospheric data from the AIMMS-20 and GRIMM opc). Despite some cloud to the North of the site, these data look clear and of good quality. The main areas over and around Lake Balaton were obscured by low cloud. ''
     46'' Friday the 20th of August ''
     48'' Take off was delayed by low cloud and general overcast conditions. Nevertheless these cleared in the afternoon and the Dornier took off at 12:30 hrs (local) to collect more data from the Kis-Balton area (in support of EUFAR10-01). These comprised of ~40 gb of data (11 gb of ASIA Eagle, 7 gb of Hawk, 0.5 gb of Tabi, 3 gb of LiDAR, 18.5 gb of RCD photography and atmospheric data from the AIMMS-20 and GRIMM opc). ''
     50'' The next three days are forecast to have good conditions. We intend to make full use of these and collect the majority of the data required over Lake Balaton in support of the alpha five direct access project (EU10-03) and from the lake perimeter in support of the main EUFAR project (EUFAR10-01). ''
     53== ARSF Flights 04.08.10 ==
     54'' Following discussions with the PI of the lead project, our departure to Sweden was postponed due to declining weather conditions. Weather conditions in the North of the UK (and Iceland) continue to be unsuitable for data collection and we will not be available next week due to aircraft maintenance. The only potentially clear area may be Salisbury Plain (CEH09-01). In the meanwhile final preparations are underway for our deployment to Hungary early on Monday, 16.07.10. '' 
    756== ARSF Flights 04.08.10 ==