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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     7== ARSF Sitrep 13.04.11 ==
     8''Weather conditions did not allow data to be collected on Monday (11.04.11). Both remaining sites (Northern and Middle) required for EU11-03 were covered by cloud.''
     10''These conditions looked likely be repeated on the Tuesday (12.04.11) but, after regular checks and updates throughout the day, a good indication of improvement in the middle site were observed and we launched at 14:30 hrs (~solar noon) to investigate. 17 lines (including a cross-line) were collected within 2 hours 15 minutes of solar noon.  Conditions were good with isolated cloud (and cloud shadow) on the site. However, the Northern site remained partially obscured by cloud for the whole period and at the end of the survey over the middle site the illumination levels were declining to levels where good quality hyperspectral data could not be collected.''
     12''After a long and hard campaign the ARSF will return to the UK on Thursday (14.04.11). During the campaign 88 flight lines have been collected (each with data from four sensors, Eagle, Hawk, LiDAR and digital photography). This equates to ~764GB and 23252 files.''
     15== ARSF Sitrep 10.04.11 ==
     16''Today (10.04.11), data were collected from the Southern most of three sites in the Los Alcomocale region; this was in support of EU11-03. Initially cloud obscured all three sites but after waiting in Gibraltar the Southern site (in the military controlled airspace) cleared although it remained surrounded by cloud. The first line was started at 15:00 hours and the 17 lines (including a cross-line) were collected within 2 hours of solar noon just ahead of cloud encroaching into the area from the North and the West.'' 
     18'' The wind direction is due to change later today which may (according to the met office in Gibraltar) promote the build up of cloud in the area. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to collect data from the remaining sites in the next two days (11.04.11 & 12.04.11).''
     21== ARSF Sitrep 09.04.11 ==
     22''Yesterday (08.04.11) 28 lines of Specim Eagle, Hawk and LiDAR were collected in support of EUFAR11-06 (EUFAR Ref. DelnVader). These data are being backed up and quality checked prior to our transit to Jerez (Spain) to support of the final project in this campaign. We will transit later today and intend to collect data in support of EU11-03 tomorrow. As one of the field sites is in military controlled airspace we hope to take advantage of reduced Sunday activity.''
     24''Today (09.04.11) conditions are cloudy which has allowed the flight crew, who have been working long hard days, a brief period to recuperate. After the initial instrument problems all the sensors are now working well.''
     27== ARSF Sitrep 07.04.11 ==
     28'' Today (07.04.11) data were collected in support of EUFAR11-04  (EUFAR ref. HyMedEcos-Gradients).
     29The flights were flown as planned, despite air traffic restrictions and the periphery presence of atmospheric dust ( Regular discussions with the research teams allowed the best use of the time and conditions to be achieved.''
     31''Tomorrow we hope to be able to support EUFAR11-06 (EUFAR ref. DelnVader).''
     33== ARSF Sitrep 06.04.11 ==
     34''Yesterday (05.04.11) the outstanding LiDAR data were collected in support of EUFAR11-03 (EUFAR ref. HYMEDECOS-Erosion). Following this the aircraft deployed to Cascais Airport as a base of operations for the support of EUFAR11-04 (EUFAR ref. HyMedEcos-Gradients) and EUFAR11-06 (EUFAR ref. DelnVader).''
     36''Indications are that both sites have some morning haze and late afternoon cumulus. The order in which these projects are supported will depend on specific local conditions. Indications from field observations were that, today (06.04.11), both sites have unusually high levels of dusty haze. A test flight showed these conditions as not suitable for the collection of good quality data. These conditions have been related to dust blowing into the region from North Africa and should not a problem tomorrow.''
     38''Data collected in support of EUFAR11-03 consisted of 26 lines of Specim Eagle and Hawk data (two altitudes with a cross-line for each set of 12) and 5 lines of LiDAR data (including a cross-line). The volume of these data comprises of just over 200GB.''
     41== ARSF Sitrep 03.04.11 ==
     42''The ARSF are currently on campaign in Spain and Portugal. This deployment is in support of four projects funded by NERC direct access and EUFAR. Unfortunately, during support of the first project, in Northern Spain (EUFAR11-03; EUFAR ref. HYMEDECOS-Erosion), a fault occurred in the LiDAR. The problem was not solved by the attending Leica Geosystems engineer but a replacement instrument has been identified and will be fitted on Monday (04.04.11). However, this has required an unscheduled journey to the factory in Switzerland and will push the planned dates for data collection back by one to two days.''
     44''The project in Northern Spain (EUFAR11-03) was supported by the collection of hyperspectral data (the main data requirement) and there should be scope to collect LiDAR data from the key areas once the instrument is operational. Weather conditions in most of the region are good and due to improve further as time progresses. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available.''