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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
    7 == ARSF FLights 09.06.11 ==
     12== ARSF Flights 26.06.11 ==
     13''Yesterday, we conducted a 4 hour flight to collect 33 lines (31 parallel lines + 2 cross lines) in support of EU10-01. The data collected were high resolution LiDAR (with the centre 17 lines full-wave form), 5nm Eagle (VNIR), 6nm Hawk (SWIR), RCD photography and GRIMM (aerosol) data. The survey straddled Solar noon and avoided most of the surrounding cloud. No clouds were present below the aircraft but some cloud shadow was present in the North West corner (in the last four lines). Some shadowed ground is observed (without shadow) in adjoining Eagle lines due to the high side overlap. Nevertheless, if the forecasted good conditions are present on Wednesday (29.06.11), we hope to collect good data from the previously obscured area.''
     15''Today (28.06.11), has been intermittent cloud cover over the area since early morning. We have been using this time to check the data (~140GB) and further preparations for the projects to be supported later in this season and next year.''
     17== ARSF Flights 26.06.11 ==
     18''Today (26.06.11),  the ARSF deployed to Vasteras, in Sweden. The transit took 4 hours with a technical stop in Denmark to refuel. This will be our base of operations for the next few days, until we have supported the alpha 5 project that located near here. The field team is in place and have checked the site, for unforeseen changes. Support of this will require a four hour survey (plus local transit) with very good conditions.  Weather conditions are forecast as encouraging tomorrow and very good on Wednesday (29.06.11).'' 
     20''Once the data are collected and a back up is made and checked we will redeploy to Svalbard where the field team associated with that project are due to arrive at the end of the week. ''
     22== ARSF Flights 09.06.11 ==
    823''The ARSF are currently waiting for suitable weather conditions to support various projects in Scotland, the Shetlands and East Anglia. However, transit to Sweden (in support of EU10-01) and Svalbard (EUFAR11-02) is planned for the 26th of June (just after the next meeting of the ARSF steering committee). ''