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    55Please contact Dr Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     7== ARSF Sitrep 27.09.11 ==
     8''The ARSF returned to the UK on Saturday (24.09.11). The weather in Central Italy was not forecast to improve over the following week. Therefore, we adopted to return to the UK to take advantage of a forecasted improvement in UK weather. ''
     10''Over the next week we hope to collect data from Wales (BB11-01) and Scotland (BGS08-03&04). During the following week the Dornier will be fitted with additional atmospheric instruments to support GB11-05. ''
     13== ARSF Sitrep 23.09.11 ==
     14''Yesterday (22.09.11), after several overcast days, we were able to collect almost 400GB of data (VNIR, SWIR, LiDAR and digital photography) from the second of the two study sites in the Apennine mountains, Italy (in support of EM10-06). The flight duration was 4 hours and 20 minutes, most of this was at 18000ft, on oxygen. Each of the long flight lines took 20 minutes to complete, we completed 12 such flight lines and a cross line. The area surveyed constituted approximately a third of the site. The conditions were hazy with isolated and localized  low cloud and haze. This relates to a static high pressure system that has restricted us since Sunday. ''   
     16''The weather today (23.09.11) has returned to overcast conditions (and rain over the study sites).''
     19== ARSF Sitrep 19.09.11 ==
     20''On Friday (16.09.11) the ARSF deployed to Perugia, Italy.  The trip took ~5 hours with one technical stop for fuel.''
     22''Weather conditions were very good on Saturday (17.09.11) and we collected 230GB of data (VNIR, SWIR, LiDAR and photography) from 17 flight lines (including one cross-line) in support of EM10-06. This sequence of surveys is at high altitude (~18000ft), this makes support of this project particularly tiring. Nevertheless, during the 4 hour 41 minute flight there was no cloud and conditions were judges as 9 out of 10, very good. ''
     24''Data were also collected on Sunday (18.09.11) but conditions were not as good (6 out of 10). 80GB of data were collected from 6 flight lines (including one cross-line). The flight took 2 hours 31 minutes and was curtailed when conditions deteriorated to a level where the collection of high quality data would be compromised.''
     26''Today, Monday (19.09.11), in overcast conditions the aircraft travelled to Florence to replenish our supplies of oxygen. This has also given an opportunity to drop our operations manager / acting head of the ARSF at a EUFAR meeting, starting today. A relief pilot joined us yesterday to cover the flying during his absence. '' 
     28''The forecasted conditions are not encouraging for data collection tomorrow but may improve on Wednesday (21.09.11).''
    730== ARSF Sitrep 09.08.11 ==