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    55Please contact Dr Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     7== ARSF Flights 04.08.12 ==
     8''We are back in the UK and sorting the vast amount of data acquired during our recent campaign in Greenland. Should the weather be suitable, September will be a very busy month!''
     10''In September we hope to collect data in support of projects in the North of London (RG12-10), Scotland and Northern Ireland (GB12-03, BGS08-01 & GB12-07), Cumbria and the New Forest (GB12-04), South Wales & England (BGS12-01), Cambrdgeshire (GB12-06), East coast of England (GB06-02) and Italy (EM10-06 & EM12-09).''
     12''Of these RG12-10 and GB12-03 hold the highest priority, one relates to the timing of algal blooms and other is dependent on access to London airspace following the Olympic restrictions. Many of the other projects (+ RG12-10) are dependent on leaf-on conditions while others require specific tide conditions.  We will try to make the most of any good weather (within those restrictions). If one of these projects relates to you / your research group then please identify any dates that are NOT convenient (I am conscious that both the RSPSoc and NCEO conferences are in September). I’ll try to contact all research teams in the next couple of days.'' 
     14''The most likely date for deploying to Italy is the last week in September. October is likely to be dominated by support of a major project in Wessex (RG12-09) and November by a deployment to Ethiopia (ET12-18, ET12-17 and ET12-14).''
     17== ARSF Sit Rep 30.08.12 ==
     18''On Thursday (29.08.12) the ARSF collected data from Myrdalsjokull (Southern Iceland) . This was one of several study sites required to support EU09-06, a project that we have been unable to support over the last two years. This data collection was supported by our gps base station which we placed on the Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) prior to the acquisition and removed at the end.''
     20''Unfortunately, on landing back at Reykjavik the Dornier was subject to a minor problem with one of the main wheel tyres.  Our departure from Iceland has been delayed due to this problem but we hope to return to the UK over night on Friday after the damaged tyre is replaced on Friday afternoon.''
     22== ARSF Sitrep 28.08.12 ==
     23''Yesterday (27.08.12), we undertook two surveys in the North West of Iceland in support of EUFAR12-02. In the morning we collected LiDAR, Eagle (VNIR), Hawk (SWIR) and digital photography under very good conditions from 9 flight lines over a period of just over 2 hours then we refueled near the primary site in Isafjordur when we discussed the weather conditions with the project’s PI.''
     25''In the afternoon, the primary site had not improved so data from a prearranged backup site (Deildardalur) was collected. 20 flight lines were collected over a period of just over 3 and a half hours. So far 225.4 GB have been collected in support of this project. These data have now been downloaded and backed up.''
     27''Today (28.08.12), cloud cover has not allowed any data to be collected but the forecast is encouraging for tomorrow afternoon and evening in Isafjordur and to the South of Vatnajokull.''   
     29== ARSF Sitrep 21.08.12 ==
     30''Today (21.08.12) we are departing Reykjavik (Iceland) to resume support of the BGS/GEUS project based in Eastern Greenland. Weather conditions at Constable Pynt (Greenland), and the remaining study site, are promising and we are confident that the data will be collected under good conditions, albeit with the constant risk of shadow. If the data collection goes as planned, we hope to depart Constable Pynt and return to Reykjavik on Friday (24.08.12) to support those projects based in Iceland for the rest of the campaign.''
     32''The data collected from our previous visit was approximately 1.5 TB in volume and comprised of over 50 000 files. This was from 5300 km of collected data.''
     34== ARSF Sitrep 18.08.12 ==
     35''During our time in Greenland email access has been very restricted, hence the radio silence!
     36Today we managed both a science flight and the two hour transit to Reykajavik (Iceland). The relocation was mainly because Constable Pynt (Greenland) airfield is closed for operations on Sunday and Monday. During the last week we only lost one day to bad weather (Thursday). All data acquisition flights have included LiDAR, and Eagle (VNIR), Hawk (SWIR) and digital photography and support a combined geological mapping project for BGS and GEUS. The instruments and aircraft have all performed well and the illumination has been very good.''
     38''The stability of the power supply at Constable Pynt limited our ability to check data so this will be conducted in Iceland prior to our return to Greenland. The airfield at Constable Pynt is set at the edge of the largest fjord in the world (so we are informed by the station manager), the scenes around it are incredible, awe inspiring and beautiful, with Musk Ox visiting the camp at least twice in the week and being chased away from the helicopters by the camp dogs. The facilities are basic but the food has been excellent and the staff have been friendly and very helpful. The ARSF crew are happy and well, though a little traumatised by the primitive nature of the lavatory facilities at Constable Pynt!'' 
     40''The list of collected data (all from Calsberg Fjord site for BGS & GEUS) are as follows:''
     41''Tuesday (14.08.12) 18 flight lines during 3 hours and 45 minutes of flight time.''
     43''Wednesday (15.08.12) Two flights, one of 8 long flight lines during 4 hours and a second sortie of 4 flight lines over 2 hours.''
     45''Friday (17.08.12) 11 long flight lines during 5 hours of flying.''
     47''Saturday, today (18.08.12) 13 long flight lines during 5 hours of flying.''
     49''Tuesday and Wednesday's flying yielded 575GB of good data and today's flying completed the Carlsberg site. Our plan is for the pilots to recover from the heavy flying schedule over the last week and to check the data ready for our return to Constable Pyny (Greenland) on Tuesday morning when we'll collect data from a smaller site to the North of the airfield.''     
     51== ARSF Sitrep 14.08.12 ==
     52''Yesterday the ARSF departed Gloucester at 10:15 for a 1 hour 15 minute flight to Preswick for to refuel prior to our 3 and half hour flight to Reykjavik (Iceland). Today we are taking-off in a few moments to proceed to Constable Pynt (Greenland) where were will be based for a survey campaign for GEUS and BGS. The weather in Iceland is terrible but indication for the East coat of Greenland are very good and we hope to be able to collect good data later today.''     
     54''The plan is to return to Iceland on Sundays and Monday when Constable Pynt airfield is closed for flight operations.''
    759== ARSF Sitrep 17.07.12 ==