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    55Please contact Dr Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     8== ARSF Flights 28.09.12 ==
     9''Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions in Italy (and forecasted poor conditions over the next few days) the ARSF returned to the UK late yesterday (27.09.12). However, despite the sad news in regards to the two projects in Italy, this means that we will be available to resume our support of the various project based in the UK that have not been supported due to the generally poor conditions over the summer. I anticipate that the Italian projects will be rolled-over for support in 2014.''
     11''The project with the highest priority for support is RG12-09 (Biodiversity and the provision of multiple ecosystem services in current and future lowland multifunctional landscapes); this is a large BESS-SSEBIT funded project is located in the ancient region of Wessex. ''
     13''However, we also intend to collected data in support of the many other projects located in the UK where weather conditions make support of RG12-09 not possible, where air access limits it support or when this stage of RG12-09 is complete.''
     16== ARSF Sirrep 26.09.12 ==
     17''On Tuesday (25.09.12) the ARSF deployed to Perugia (Italy) to support two projects in that area (EM12-19 & EM10-06). EM12-19 is focused on environmental determinants of plant community structure and diversity in Mediterranean evergreen forests and EM10-06 included a survey of the geologic structure of the Apennine Mountains.''
     19''Today (26.09.12) the weather conditions are not favourable for the support of either project but conditions are forecast to improve for support of EM10-06 tomorrow. As the weather in the UK is also not conducive to data collection our deployment to Italy for the week presents no disadvantage to those users with UK sites.''
     22== ARSF Sitrep 30.08.12 ==
     23''On Thursday (29.08.12) the ARSF collected data from Myrdalsjokull (Southern Iceland) . This was one of several study sites required to support EU09-06, a project that we have been unable to support over the last two years. This data collection was supported by our gps base station which we placed on the Vestmannaeyjar (Westman Islands) prior to the acquisition and removed at the end.''
     25''Unfortunately, on landing back at Reykjavik the Dornier was subject to a minor problem with one of the main wheel tyres.  Our departure from Iceland has been delayed due to this problem but we hope to return to the UK over night on Friday after the damaged tyre is replaced on Friday afternoon.''
    728== ARSF Flights 04.08.12 ==