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    55Please contact Dr Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     7== ARSF Flights 20.05.13 ==
     8''A deterioration in weather conditions in Italy prevented us from collecting data on the Wednesday. Thursday morning started with thick cloud and heavy rain and progressed to overcast with periodic showers. These poor conditions were forecast to continue for several days.  Therefore, we returned back to the UK in readiness for UK data acquisitions this week.''
     10''The forecasts for this week are not encouraging for today or tomorrow but we are monitoring for any improvement.
     11However, there are indications that some areas in Southern Scotland, Cumbria and Wales may be clear for data collection on Thursday. This may allow some hope for GB13-08, GB13-05, GB13-09 (subject to logistics / discussions with the research team) or possibly BGS08-01 (subject to tides and discussions with the research team).''
     13''The relative close proximity (to the airfield at Gloucester) and ease of access for GB13-06 and GB13-10 may allow unexpected short-timescale changes in the weather to be exploited.''
     16== ARSF Sitrep 15.05.03 ==
     17''In consideration of the forecasted poor weather in the UK, the ARSF deployed to Perugia (Italy) on Sunday (12.05.13) to support two roll-over projects in that area (EM10-09 and EM12-19). We departed Gloucester at 10:00 hrs (local time) and arrived in Perugia late on Sunday afternoon after a brief tech-stop in Southern France to refuel.''
     19''On Monday (13.05.13) good weather in central-Southern Tuscany allowed us to support EM12-19. This project seeks to investigate the links between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (B-EF) in forested areas across Europe. This component was focused on evergreen forest in the ‘Metaliferous Hills’ of Tuscany.  We flew for 4.5hours, flew 34 flight lines and collected over 200GB of data. Due to restricted access to Siena airstrip (located in the centre of the sites) we had to rely on long-baseline from Perugia (and other techniques such as PPP). Nevertheless, conditions were generally good with cloud building near the end of the survey. Data were collected from two of the three study sites. The final site may be supported later in the week (if conditions allow).''
     21''On Tuesday (14.05.13) good weather to the South of Perugia allowed us to collect data from the L’Aquila area in support of EM10-09. This project seeks to investigate the faulting structures in the geology of the Apennine Mountains and has particular relevance due to the recent/past earthquake activity. We were aware of a likely build up of cloud in the upper sections of this site (the lower sections required the surveys to be conducted with oxygen) so we concentrated our efforts on three sites in the basin.  This survey covered a large area and required multiple realignments over local base stations which slowed progress slightly. Nevertheless, we flew for 4hours, flew 22 flight lines and collected over 120GB of data before the increase in cloud cover beat us back.''
     23''The weather is forecast to be less favourable today but if good weather does present itself at any of the study areas we are poised to resume the collection of data. In the meanwhile, we are backing up the downloaded data, using the opportunity to respond to emails and more generally dealing with admin. Perugia is a stunning and vibrant medieval town which we hope to have a chance to explore this evening should the collection of data not be possible.''
    726== 21st March 2013 ==