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    55Please contact Dr Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01452 859945 or 07919 697851)
     8== ARSF Flights 19.06.14 ==
     9''Over the last few weeks we have had an intensive period of flying to take advantage of the encouraging weather conditions.  Our support of the Wessex BESS project (RG12-09) continues and following a month of standby and aborted flights on weekends (in periods when the ranges are cold). We hope to complete the spring/summer component of this project in forecasted good weather this Saturday (21.06.14).  This month much of our activity has been focused around the support of GB13-01, a grade 9 project mapping ecosystem services on agricultural land in Suffolk.  The four sorties that we have had in support of this project have been limited by a build up of Cumulous late each morning. However, during this period we have also managed to collect to support a project in water meadows near Wytham Woods in Oxfordshire (GB13-10) with an early June acquisition and full waveform data from Merthyr Tydfil (BGS12-01).''
     11''Earlier this week a potential problem with the LiDAR was flagged. This relates to a possible fault in the Automatic Gain Control card. A repair will be implemented by an engineer from the instrument manufacturer on Monday (23.06.14). Our data analysis team are investigating the implication of this fault on data collected earlier in the month.''
     13''We have a concentration of projects (including a grade 10) in Scotland that have not be able to be supported due to bad weather in that region. However, yesterday (18.06.14), we supported GB12-03, a grade 9 project investigating algal blooms in Loch Lomond.  This project did not require LiDAR data.''
     15''In between the flying, other activity being persuaded this month has included: flight planning for the AirSAR flights next week, continued preparations for the Malaysian campaign and the atmospheric work in July (in the UK) and yesterday (18.06.14) receipt of the finished Radome.''
    717== ARSF Flights 20.05.13 ==