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Data Processing

We aim to deliver data as quickly as possible. As standard we choose the order in which to process data first by project alpha grading and second by date flown. If your data is far down the list and you have a particular need to have it sooner, you can contact us stating the reason and we may be able to increase the priority.

Data Collection

To view NERC-ARF operation's proposed collection for this season's data please see the collections page.

Processing Status

If you have had data recently collected by NERC-ARF then you can check our progress page to see the status of your data.

Processing Order

If your project has not yet been started you can check our processing order page for a provisional processing order. If you would like a estimate of when your data will be delivered please contact us.

Accessing Archived Data

NERC-ARF data is archived at the NERC Earth Observation Data Centre. ARSF data should be available to download from NEODC 12 months after it has been delivered to the PI. To access the data you will need to register with NEODC and request access to NERC-ARF / ARSF data.

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