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#14 fixed WM06-09, 158, Sinard (day), 7/6/2006 mggr amro

ATM data could not be processed due to some error in the navigation timing

azimport -- ver: 2.2.10 May 7 2007 (C) Azimuth Systems UK 1996, 2007

Applanix sbet file: ./app/app/Proc/apa06158.sbt Site time limits - day: 158 start: 92559 end: 92801 date: 07 06 2006 jday: 158 utc2gps: 14.0 NAV vgroup exists - updating

Nav records per second from Applanix sbet file: 200.00 Using: 0.01 seconds for gap check site time limits: 33959.00 to: 34081.00 day starts at secs: 259200.0

no SBET epochs in the site time limits - NO navigation saved FILE time limits - start: 78034.01 end: 83945.01 check SBET file used

Run terminated due to data or parameter errors or program failure

#17 wontfix 184-GB06-09, Isle of Wight, 3/7/2006 mggr amro

This project has no applanix due to failure in the applanic card on that day.

#25 fixed ARSF website mock up mggr mggr

Create a mirror of the ARSF website and link trac into it.

The main purpose of this is to retain ARSF branding, ie. website would be with appropriate forwarding/mapping of webservers. Alternatively, we could get NERC to create and retain the branding that way.

Optionally/in future pending approval:

  • add a dynamic map to show where flights have been/are going to be
    • Google Earth variant? (see ticket #24)
    • alternatively use OpenLayers + a WFS?
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