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#110 fixed Azspec processed Hawk data has spectral spikes mggr benj

Azspec-processed level 1b hawk data does not appear to be correct - it contains large anomalous spikes in some bands, seemingly correlated to very low data values. Eg from Nigg Bay line 3:

Hawk spectrum from azspec-processed level 1b file over water (8px average)

Compared to Caligeo spectrum from same pixel:

Hawk spectrum from caligeo-processed level 1b file over water (8px average), same place as azspec example

Could be underflowing, but would expect a much higher value for the spikes (~65k) in this case. Might still be underflowing and then changed by maths in azspec though.

Note extended from ticket #106, but separate to Hawk noise issue

#114 fixed Az* lever arm better with offsets mggr benj

The az* lever arm format is currently gam/del/dst (two angles and a distance) for legacy reasons. These reasons are now irrelevant, so for clarity and ease of calculation it would be better if az* used x/y/z offsets (three distances) instead.

#115 fixed ATM bands marked bad suspiciously mggr benj

Some ATM lines for IPY have bad bands marked for some lines. However, the bad parts seem to correlate with areas where there is bright sunshine shining on white snow - in other words where the value is going to be pretty close to max. It's possible either this is incorrectly causing it to be classified as bad, or else that the max value is itself being used to mark bad data.

Eg. Green Box line 1:

ATM line 1, level 3 for Green Box (IPY)

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