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#298 fixed using fence causes flight line colours to change chrfi chrfi

build number : 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc974

to reproduce, open a selection of files (tested with 2, 3, 4, and 5 files) with fence unticked and any number of skipped points. Then click fence and select and area of the lines, click file, open and then check the fence box and click refresh. the expected result is to see the fenced area of the lines appear identically to when they were displayed as part of the overall lines. However the fenced lines display with different flight line colours.

#299 fixed loading file x then adding file y causes an error message chrfi chrfi

Build number: 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc973

to reproduce, the files are located in users/rsg/arsf/workspace/GB07_07-2009_277_inverclyde/leica/proc_laser. start up lag with no arguments, file, open, select the file LDR091004_131017_1.LAS and click add. Then select the file LDR091004_122647.LAS and click add, instead of simple adding the new line to the display (already showing the first line) an error message is printed to the command line. this is also true if you try to load both at the same time. However it does not occur if you open every file or other certain combinations.

#301 fixed flightline not displayed after loading emca chrfi

Build number: 2010.01.18.1 system : pmpc974

to reproduce, run lag with no arguments, click file, open, select any file and click add or refresh. the file will be loaded but won't appear on screen until either the pan or zoom options are used. the flight line should appear immediately after loading is concluded.

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