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Only show LiDAR data DSM in Readme file

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Currently the readme files contain a screenshot showing the lidar DSM patched with another DSM (normally ASTER), as provided with delivered data.

The patched DSM covers a larger extent than the lidar mosaic so it can be used for hyperspectral processing. As the majority of the data in the screenshot is the courser resolution DSM it is difficult to a) see the actual lidar coverage b) get an idea of the resolution / quality of the lidar data.

I propose including a screenshot in the readme which only includes the lidar data, either a scaled DSM (as is currently provided) or a shaded relief (or hillshade) image.

There is currently a feature in the DEM scripts to export a screenshot / shaded relief image for either the final patched DEM or each line, the lidar mosaic and final patched image. I propose modifying the delivery script to copy the lidar mosaic and patched mosaic to the screenshots directory of the delivery folder and use the un-patched mosaic in the readme.

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I'd be reluctant to provide images in the read-me, or screenshots, of products that we haven't supplied. I don't see a problem with providing the elevation screenshot for each line (we already do that for the intensity images) but I'm not sure what interest individual elevation screenshots will get from the user.

I just checked a recent delivery and the DEM screenshot jpg is 28MB, causes eog to crash but gwenview can open it. We probably need to re-think screenshots if they are getting so large that they can't necessarily be opened.

I take your point that with some DEMs a lot of ASTER is patched. We should check to see if this added area is required (i.e. can we reduce the amount patched and still run APL). It is difficult to make out the lidar in the readme images sometimes - maybe we could highlight the lidar by outlining it in yellow - or maybe that would look silly. The user can always open the screenshot (hopefully!) and zoom in to get a better view of the lidar data?

Alternatively (additionally) we could start supplying extra or improved products if it doesn't impact on our time too much and the products are something that the majority of users would make use of. I'm not sure what these products could be ...

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