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#702 new flight processing

Boresight, flight day 143a/2023, Siena

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Flight over Siena airborne with boresight flight configuration. This was repeated three times for the multi angular Owl setup, recording at nadir and two additional angles.

Flight then recorded science data over Grossetto and a quarry on the way.

Data brought back from Italy by wja, put on PML network 07/06/2023.

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Navigation Processing

Starting navigation processing.

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IMU Lever Arm

Using lever arm reference from GNSS receiver to IMU of the following:


Positive x is towards nose, positive y is towards starboard, positive z is towards ground. All relative to location of GNSS receiver of VP-FBL.

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Navigation Processing

SBET produced using the single basestation method.

The smoothed performance RMS position error has been biased due to the IMU being mounted on the movable Owl mount, error periodically flucuates from ~0.012 m to ~0.016 m in the X Y axes and ranges from ~0.017 m to ~0.023 m in the Z axis.

Forward processed performance RMS error: X & Y ranges between ~0.02 m to 0.035 m and Z ranges from ~0.03 m to ~0.05 m.

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Fenix1k Processing

Starting Fenix1k boresight processing.

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Fenix1k Processing

Fenix1k line 19 headerfile has an errorneous line start coordinates:

GPS Starting point = {-281.622742, -34.234135}

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Fenix1K Boresight

The following suitable flightline pairs have been identified:


  • Combine 1 3 5
  • with 12


  • Combine 1 3 5 12
  • with 14 16 18

Heading pairs:

  • 1 3
  • 3 5
  • 20 22

comment:7 Changed 8 months ago by wja

Fenix Processing

The IMU was mounted to the Owl during this (and other flights based out of Siena). However, Fenix1k and Ibis data has been recorded when the Owl was mounted away from nadir. Therefore there are lines of data when the aircraft navigation data will suggest the Fenix1k and Ibis data are in the wrong place as that is where the Owl and IMU were orientated - these cannot be mapped accurately.

The following flightlines were recorded with the correct nadir IMU data:

  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16
  • 18
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • 23

Other lines are facing

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Fenix Boresight


There's a large heading offset.

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Ibis Boresight

Starting to boresight Ibis (updating some code for it to work).

'Flux' line recorded at 9:49 does not have a header, cannot process.

comment:10 Changed 5 months ago by wja

Ibis Boresight

The following values look good:


The only Ibis lines that can be used for this boresight are the following (the rest are when the IMU is not facing nadir!):

  • 1
  • 3
  • 5
  • 12
  • 14
  • 16
  • 21

comment:11 Changed 6 weeks ago by asm

Owl boresight


There were a number of flightlines that were in the RAW directory but that were not part of the boresight and have been moved out of the main owl directory. There were a total of 17 owl flightlines for boresight but, after processing thsoe to level1b, quite a few present saturation and some don't have usable data. Will try to find the best values with the lines we have.

comment:12 Changed 5 weeks ago by asm

Owl boresight

There was an interference between the Owl and Fenix sensors. As a result, most of the files are very noisy and they do not synchronise with the navigation file. The SCTs would have to be found manually and I suspect there are also problems with the recorded fps. As so, these dataset can't be processed using standard procedures and therefore is put on hold.

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