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Data collection status

This page describes the status of upcoming flights. Collection for the 2018 season is underway and PIs have been notified of the schedule for their flights,

For an update on the operational status of NERC-ARF for data collection see the sit reps page. If you are having NERC-ARF data collected you should receive sit reps via email, we also post updates on Twitter (@NERC_ARF_DAN).

Note: the actual flight date is dependent on operational restrictions and the presence of suitable weather conditions. All data are collected on a "best endeavours" basis.

Please contact Dr Gary Llewellyn (Airborne Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: gaew (01223 221660 or 07919 697851)

For status on data processing for flights that have been flown, see this page.

Flying timetable for the 2015 flying season

The coloured blocks indicate potential time periods where data are likely to be collected with follow on lines indicating the period during which that acquisition period could extend.


Status of science projects in the 2015 flying season

Project Location PI Status
N018 (RG12/11) GREENHOUSE UK Mat Disney NERC Grant
R018 UK Andrew Tyler EPSRC Grant

Direct access projects no longer to be supported

Project Location PI Comments
GB13/09 Gloucestershire Danny Donoghue Desk / Box study
GB13/06 Gloucestershire Andrew Ford Mass graves
GB13/01 Suffolk Tim Benton Several flights already completed in June 2014
GB12/03 UK lakes Peter Hunter Loch Lomond already completed in June 2014 but sun glint!
GB14/04 Scotland Rachel Gaulton Grade 10 project partially supported
GB14/02 Scotland Doreen Boyd Matched to GB14-04
GB12/04 New Forest Alan Blackburn New Forest component
GB12/07 Northern Ireland David Hughes Matched to GB12-03
GB06-02 Frieston Shore Tom Spencer Not possible in 2014
GB12/05 Monks Wood Ross Hill June flight completed
GB13-08 Montrose Bay Mark Cutler May not be possible in 2014
GB09/04 Coed Y Brenin Sarah Taylor Requires flowering phase

Projects completed in 2015

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
GHOST Northumbria (UK) Hartmut Boesh May
N028 NERC ATSC Barrax (Spain) Alastair MacArthur June
RG13-08 UK David Coomes August
Hekla Iceland Gro Pederson (EAA Rannis) August
HIDHAZ_N_ICELAND Iceland Amelle Decauline (EUFAR) August
HOLUHAUN_HAZ Iceland Armann Hoskuldsso (EUFAR) August
AHSPECT France Jean-Louis Roujean (EUFAR) September
ISOTHERM Switzerland Antoine Rabatel (EUFAR) September
Med2hyCon Spain Joan Estrany (EUFAR) September
HYMOSENS2 France Luc Demarchi (EUFAR) September

Projects completed in 2014

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
BGS12/01 Wales and England Colm Jordan March
RG12/09 NERC BESS Wessex (UK) France Gerrard March
GB13/10 Wytham Woods (Oxfordshire) Anne Verhoef June
BAS12-01 TELOPS SW Devon (UK) France Gerard July
BALI Borneo (Malaysia) David Coomes October
MA14-11 Borneo (Malaysia) Mark Cutler October
MA14-14 Borneo (Malaysia) Daniel Burslem October
MA14-21 Borneo (Malaysia) Mat Disney October
MA14-16 Bosnia Andrew Ford October
MA14-07 Malaysia Doreen Boyd October
MA14-08 Malaysia Paul Aplin October
MA14-10 Malaysia Alan Blackburn October

Projects completed in 2013

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
RG12/05 UK Nick Hewitt June & July
RG11/01 E Greenland Tavi Murray July & August
IG13/21 E Greenland Tavi Murray July & August
IG13/12 Iceland Ian Willis July & August
IG13/11 Iceland Susan Conway July & August
GB12/06 UK Anthony Beck
GB13/05 UK Doerthe Tetslaff

Projects withdrawn in 2013

Project Location PI Comments
EUFAR11/05 Hungary Apostolis Sarris EUFAR funding cut
EU09/07 Sweden Jeff Evans Poor weather
EU11/01 Sweden David Rippon Poor weather

Projects completed in 2012

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
AST11/01 UK Astrium March
EUFAR12/02 Iceland Susan Conway August
CR12/01 Portugal Saskia Foerster Aborted & withdrawn
RG12/10 London Kevin Gaston
EU12/12 Greece David Pyle May
EM10/04 Greece Graham Ferrier May
GB12/09 UK James Lee ClearfLo
ET12/14 Ethiopia Derek Keir
ET12/17 Ethiopia David Pyle
ET12/18 Ethiopia Tim Wright

Projects completed in 2011

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
AST11/01 UK Astrium March
EU11/04 Spain Partick Osborne April
EUFAR11/03 Spain Hermann Kaufmann August
EUFAR11/04 Portugal Partick Hostert April
EUFAR11/06 Portugal Andreas Gross-Stottenburg April
CAM11/06 Spain David Coomes May
GB03/01 Fiskerton-Barlings Jim Williams May
GB11/03 Sheltand Alex Sanmark May
GB11/00 Chopwell Danny Donoghue May
EU11/03 Spain David Coombes June
EU10/01 Sweden Natascha Kljun June
EUFAR11/02 Svalbard Susan Conway July
CR11/04 Portugal Patric Osbourne August
CR11/03 Spain Hermann Kaufmann August
BB11/01 Brecon Beacons Shaun Lewis October
GB11/05 Southern UK Ben Barrett October

Projects withdrawn in 2011

Project Location PI Comments
GB09/11 Abernethy Forest Tim Malthus Problems with access by field team
SOT09/01 Harwood Forest Jadu Dash Delays in data collection
GB12/10 Southern England Jim McQuaid Modification to GB11/04
GB11/04 Southern England Jim McQuaid Modification to GB10/09
GB06/08 Weardale Claire Flemming
GB06/09 Isle of Wight BGS Original data set may be recoverable!

Projects completed in 2010

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
GB10/07 Salisbury Plain Kate Welham March
GB07/12 Northumbria Martin Wooster March
CEH07/04 Moorhouse/Ribblehead/Hellifield Andrew Wilson April
EM10/07 Italy Fransesco Vuolo May
GB08/19 London Martin Wooster May
SP10/01 UK NERC/Met Office March
GB08/06 Peak District Julia Mc.Morrow June
FW10/01 New Forest Ross Hill June
FW10/02 Cumbria Doreen Boyd - -
EU10/01 Germany & Netherlands Natascha Kljun June, July
EUFAR10/02 Spain Elena Casilo Lopez July
EUFAR10/03 Portugal Jose De.Silva July
GB07/09 Alps Martin Kirkbride August
GB07/10 Alps Ben Broke August
EU09/02 Alps David Rippon August
EUFAR10/01 Hungary Andras Zlinszky August
EUFAR10/06 Hungary Mate Stibranyi August
EUFAR10/07 Hungary Andras Zlinszky August
EU10/03 Hungary Andrew Tyler August
GB08/13 Lake Vyrnwy Mat Disney - -
UR10/01 Iceland Martin Kirkbride September
UR10/02 Iceland Charles Cockell September
EUFAR10/08 France Eyal Ben-Dor October

Projects completed in 2009

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
AST08/01 Glocestershire Astrium February
GB08/01 Oxford to Haverfordwest Nigel Langford February
GB03/01 Fiskerton-Barlings Jim Williams May
HY05/02 Ayreshire Coalfield Graham Ferrier/Gisela Ager May
GB09/07 West coast Andreas Baas May
GB08/12 Borth Bog Angela Harris June
HY05/06 Pitlochry Mark Cutler June
GB09/01 Capel Dewi Geraint Vaughan July
GB09/02 Capel Dewi Martin Gallagher July
IPY09/10 Greenland Alun Hubbard August
IPY09/11 Greenland Tavi Murray August
GB08/08 Wytham Woods Richard Harding October
GB08/15 Eaves Wood Alan Blackburn October
GB09/05 Leighton Moss Alan Blackburn October
GB08/10 Denny Wood Ross Hill October
GB08/02 Delamere Forest Mark Danson October
GB07/07 Inverclyde Tim Malthus October
GB06/02 Frieston Shore Tom Spencer October
ET07/01 Northern Afar rift (Ethiopia) Tim Wright November
ET07/04 Southern Afar rift (Ethiopia) Tim Wright November
UR09/01 Cumbria Danny Donoghue November

Projects completed in 2008

Project Location PI Date of final data acquisition
ET07/02 Ethiopia William Murphy 2008
ET07/03 Ethiopia Graham Ferrier 2008
ET07/05 Ethiopia Graham Ferrier 2008
ET07/06 Ethiopia Ian Willis 2008
ET07/07 Ethiopia Richard Bates 2008
GB07/04 Hayton / Millington Wood Peter Halkon 13/02/08
GB07/03 Mid-Wales Gemma Bell 18/02/08
GB08/11 Broom's Farm Doreen Boyd 01/07/08
CEH07/02 Stanlow Andrew Wilson 04/07/08
GB07/05 Loch Leven/Estwaite/Windermere Andrew Tyler 2008
UR08/01 Black Venn Andrew Ford 2008
UR08/02 River Coquet Andrew Large 2008
GB08/01 Wales Geraint Vaughan 2008
GB08/03 Peak District Richard Armitage 2008
GB08/18 River Frome Richard Stillman 2008
IPY07/09 Iceland Tim Wright 2008
VOC07/01 Chile Geraint Vaughan 2008

Project Prefixes

Project ref. Description
GB Direct access projects supported in Great Britain
EU Direct access projects supported in Europe
MA Direct access projects supported during the Malaysia campaign 2014
MC Direct access projects supported during the Mediterranean campaign 2005
EM Direct access projects supported during the Eastern Mediterranean campaign 2010
WM Direct access projects supported during the Western Mediterranean campaign 2006
IPY Direct access projects supported during the International Polar Year campaigns in Iceland and Greenland 2007 and 2009
ET Projects supported during the Ethiopian campaigns in 2007 and 2009
SC Special consideration by a reciprocal agreement. This applied for the Technical University of Athens, 2010. No data were collected
RG Research projects funded by a NERC standard or Consortium grant
UR Research projects funded by (or potentially funded by) a NERC Urgency grant
VOC Research projects funded by the VOCALs NERC Consortium grant
EUFAR Commissioned projects funded by EUFAR
BGS Commissioned projects funded by the British Geological Survey
CEH Commissioned projects funded by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
SP or ASH Commissioned project funded by the Department of Transport
SOT Commissioned projects funded by the University of Southampton
AST Commission projects funded by Astrium

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