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    55Please contact Gary Llewellyn (Science / operations coordinator) if you have any questions or concerns: (01865 374 391)
     9== ARSF VOCALS Sitrep 15.11.08 ==
     11''The ARSF’s final sortie in Arica (VA15) was on Friday (14.11.08). The science objectives were to collect aerosol data related to pollution in an area South of point alpha. Vertical profiles were flown between 15 000 and 3000 ft, take-off was at 10:00 hrs (local) and the flight lasted 3 hours and 36 minutes during which ~230GB of Eagle and Hawk data were collected.''
     13''Once landed those instruments carried on the under-wing pylons were removed, then the under-wing pylons themselves were removed and loading into a box for shipping back to the UK. There followed a swift wash and change of cloths before travelling to an excellent BBQ held at the Hotel El Paso. The campaign has been a huge success and among the congratulations and thanks the ARSF were highly praised for its contribution. It has been a long hard campaign but we feel privileged to have been a part of it. During its course we have flow approximately 43 hours of science flying and collected over 2TB of Eagle and Hawk data.''
     15''David arrived back in Arica in the early Saturday evening and the Dornier (flown by Carl and David) is planned to start the transit back to the UK at 10:00 hrs (local) on Sunday Morning (16.11.08).''
     19== ARSF VOCALS Sitrep 14.11.08 ==
     21''Wednesday’s sortie (VA12) was aborted after 45 minutes due to an inverter failure in the Dornier. The objective of the mission had been to provide on-board instrument comparisons between the 146 and the Dornier. The implications of the inverter failure were that 240V AC could not be provided to run most of the on-board science kit. During the rest of the day Phil implemented a safe temporary solution. A brief test flight demonstrated that the Dornier was once again operational.''
     23''The essential inter-aircraft comparisons were achieved on Thursday (13.11.08). VA13 was a low level (500ft) flight where the atmospheric instruments (excluding the Eagle, Hawk and Leosphere LiDAR) were used to collect in and out of cloud data. Take-off was at 07:05 hrs (local) and the flight lasted 1 hour and 38 minutes.''
     25''After a quick refuel the Dornier again took off in support of VA14. This followed the ‘standard’ plan where the Dornier climbed to 15, 000 ft and proceeded to point alpha (20 degrees South, 72 degrees West). From point alpha the Dornier continued to 20 degrees South, 76 degrees West and returned at 10 000ft (in the most relevant aerosol layer). This mission included an inter-aircraft instrument comparison with the US C130. Take-off was at 09:45 hrs (local), the flight lasted 4 hours and 2 minutes. 87 GB of Hawk data were collected. Problems with the downloading of the Eagle data prevent an accurate indication of its volume or quality at this time.''
    729== ARSF VOCALS Sitrep 11.11.08 ==
    1133''Due to the prevailing weather patterns and the expectation of more useful weather and pollution events in following days we will not fly on Tuesday. The day will be spent resting and handling data.''