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#30 fixed 138-2006-San Marcos mggr amro

This project was processed by Ivana and re-attempted reprocessed to eleminate the white lines. Using the new up-to-date version of qcdisplay most of the lines crashed when enquiring the frame number of the white line. Refering to older version of qcdisplay, this bug does not happen. Action: Mike need to report this bug to Bill to fix it

#32 fixed 206-GB05-03-Hardwood mggr amro

Casi file name for this flight was cagc012.ddd , I have changed the name to cagc012.206 for all lines after checking the time stamp with ATM lines for the same day flight

#33 fixed BGS2007/02, flight day 172/2007 mggr mggr

Data arrived via DVD.

This dataset is a test of concept for a later flight in the year. BGS commissioned this flight to see if they could see CO2 leaking from covered containers, with a view to detecting sequestered CO2 leakage from mines.

Process as a high priority job (obviously, we're blocked until we have calibration).

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