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    1818 1. Run the processing
    1919   * Run > Run
     21== Setup of the system ==
     23 * Hardware options. Once set these should never change (unless the system is modified etc) Should be supplied when the system is delivered. Can view/set these from File > Processing Options.
     24 * Output file options. Set the projection details, LAS file format, and whether want GeoTIFF or ASCII output awswell. Also contains options for debugging.
     26 * Input options
     27   * Atmospheric Correction.  Need values of the altitude, temperature and pressure for a low altitude and high altitude. With these values a correction gradient will be produced.
     28   * Range Correction. A time-distance delay in metres of the ALS system, in the measurement of range data. (This is complicated...see user manual for details)
     29   * Scanner Correction. These do not need to be changed after the calibration/boresighting of the system.
     30   * POS errors. Angular difference between the IMU and the ALS optics reference frames. Needs to be known accurately.
     31   * Elevation offset. This is usually non zero.  It is identified using the TScan Control Report (eh?). The LIDAR is then reprocessed using the opposite of the DZ offset.
     32   * Itenisty.  Use the Raw intensity.