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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#314 Average point heights over a user defined area new chrfi immediate LAG
#202 Central collection of ground data new mggr whenever The Glorious Future Archiving
#296 Consolidation of data tracking systems new benj alpha 4 low Processing: general
#357 Eagle smear correction incomplete new whenever The Glorious Future Processing: general
#313 Improve zoomed out drawing of pixels by height (Average pixels over an area?) new chrfi immediate LAG
#569 Only show LiDAR data DSM in Readme file new dac immediate The Glorious Future arsf_internal_code
#578 - Counting number of files new alpha 4 medium arsf_internal_code
#207 Read file info from .hdr file when using -Bs in azgcorr new mggr whenever az* programs
#317 Replace (or augment) all command-line output with GUI friendly alternatives. accepted harg alpha 4 high LAG
#223 Synthetic datasets new benj whenever The Glorious Future ARSF
#165 Updates to ATM code to allow processing of old (pre 1996) ATM data for NEODC accepted mggr alpha 4 high The Glorious Future az* programs
#103 User documentation needs update new sbg alpha 5 The Glorious Future Support
#19 Web-based user guide new sbg alpha 4 medium The Glorious Future Support
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