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Data Processing Status

This page provides information on the status of the Eagle, Hawk, ATM and casi data processing at the ARSF Data Analysis Node at PML.


For flights where data were collected in 2006, see the 2006 data status page.

Future flights

For the status of flights yet to be flown, see this page.


Completed Projects

Project code Site name PI Julian day Ticket no Date of deliveryUsers' confirmation
(boresight calib. ex casi) CEH Monks Wood ARSF 166 n/a n/a n/a
BGS2007/02 Keyworth Luke Bateman 172 #33 29/August/2007
GB2007/07 Inverclyde Tim Malthus (Alasdair Mac Arthur) 102a Done, though need to confirm boresight numbers (#29) 21/Sept/2007 25/Sept/2007
GB2007/05 & CEH2007/05? Wytham Woods Andrew Wilson 073 #59 22/Oct/2007
GB2004/03 & CEH2007/05? Huntingdon+Cambridge+Wytham woods Andrew Wilson 171a #58 22/Oct/2007
GB2007/12 & CEH2007/06? Didcott Andrew Wilson 192b #57 22/Oct/2007
GB2007/12 & CEH2007/01? Buckingham Andrew Wilson 240 #53 22/Oct/2007

Note flights without ATM, CASI or Specim datasets are not handled at PML - see the "unprocessed" section below.

In progress

Project code Site name PI Julian day Status (ticket)
(boresight calib.) CEH Monks Wood ARSF 061 Unusable. Use 130 in preference.
GB2004/19 Nigg Bay Sandra Winterbottom 102b Sync issues (#47)
GB2007/05 Loch Leven Andrew Tyler 103a Awaiting boresight (#49)
GB2007/05 Loch Leven Andrew Tyler 103b #50
GB2007/05 Loch Leven Andrew Tyler 103c #51
GB2007/05 Windermere Andrew Tyler 116a Eagle issues (#54)
GB2007/05 Esthwaite Andrew Tyler 116b Awaiting boresight (#55)
(boresight calib.) CEH Monks Wood ARSF 130 Hawk ok, Eagle unusable, ATM has issues
GB2007/07 Inverclyde Tim Malthus 191a No GPS basestations (#52)
GB2007/05 Windermere/Esthwaite Andrew Tyler 234a #62
GB2007/05 Loch Leven Andrew Tyler 234b #61
GB2007/05 Loch Leven Andrew Tyler 234d #60
GB2006/07 Silver Flowe Tim Malthus 241a Processed to line 14 (#63)
GB2007/07 Inverclyde Tim Malthus 241b Hawk sync issues (#64)
IPY* IPY campaign Various 200-219 (~20 flights) Awaiting Applanix & LIDAR


These data sets are complete as far as the PML processing group is concerned, i.e. they have no ATM, CASI, Eagle or Hawk data to be processed.

Project code Site name PI Julian day Status
GB2005/02 Dee Estuary A Souza 109a LIDAR only
GB2007/03 (4 Welsh sites) Gemma Bell 135 LIDAR only
GB2007/06 Dorchester D Boydd 192a LIDAR only
GB2007/06 New Forest D Boydd 192b LIDAR only
GB2007/03 (4 Welsh sites) Gemma Bell 233 LIDAR only
GB2004/07 River Tummel D Gilvear 234c LIDAR only

Information on the status of individual projects

These tickets relate to issues with the various projects:

GB2007/07, flight day 102a/2007, Inverclyde
BGS2007/02, flight day 172/2007
GB2004/19, flight day 102b/2007, Nigg Bay
GB2005/02, flight day 109a/2007, Dee Estuary
GB2007/05, flight day 103a/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 103b/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 103c/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/07, flight day 191a/2007, Inverclyde
CEH2007/01 (GB2007/12), flight day 240/2007, Buckingham
GB2007/05, flight day 116a/2007, Windermere
GB07/05, flight day 116b/2007, Esthwaite
CEH2007/06 (GB2007/12), flight day 192c/2007, Didcott
CEH2007/05 (GB2007/12), flight day 171a/2007, Wytham woods
CEH2007/05 (GB2007/12), flight day 73/2007, Wytham Woods
GB2007/05, flight day 234d/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 234b/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 234a/2007, Windermere/Esthwaite
GB2006/07, flight day 241a/2007, Silver Flowe
GB2007/07, flight day 241b/2007, Inverclyde
GB2004/11, flight day 261/2007, Plymouth
GB2005/03, flight day 254a/2007, Harwood
GB2004/03, flight day 171a/2007, Huntingdon/Cambridge
GB2007/06, flight day 192b/2007, New Forest
GB2007/06, flight day 192a/2007, Dorchester
GB2007/03, flight day 233/2007, "Four Welsh sites"
BGS07/02, flight day 248/2007, Latera
IPY07/11, flight day 200/2007, Helheim+Kanger
IPY07/10, flight day 201/2007, Russell Glacier
IPY07/10, flight day 203/2007, Russell Glacier
IPY07/10, flight day 204/2007, Russell Glacier
IPY07/11, flight day 205a/2007, Helheim
IPY07/11, flight day 205b/2007, Kanger
IPY07/02, flight day 213/2007, Þingvallavatn
IPY07/06, flight day 217b/2007, Green Box
IPY07/11, flight day 200a/2007, Helheim
IPY07/11, flight day 200b/2007, Kanger
IPY07/09, flight day 219a/2007, Krafla
IPY07/09, flight day 219b/2007, Krafla
IPY07/12, flight day 214a/2007, Skeioararjokull
IPY07/13, flight day 214b/2007, Skeidararjokull
IPY07/12, flight day 214d/2007, Skeioararjokull
IPY07/08, flight day 214ef/2007, Langjökull