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2007 data status

Delivery procedures established but not fully in place yet.

In progress/complete

Julian day Project code Site name Status Date of deliveryUsers' confirmation
061 (boresight calib.) CEH Monks Wood Awaiting data from ARSF n/a n/a
102b GB2004/19 ? Need calibration + vectors
103a GB2007/05 ? Need calibration + vectors
103b GB2007/05 ? Need calibration + vectors
103c GB2007/05 ? Need calibration + vectors
116 GB2007/07 Inverclyde Need calibration + vectors
130 (boresight calib.) CEH Monks Wood Got data, waiting on AKW n/a n/a
166 (boresight calib.) CEH Monks Wood Got data, waiting on AKW n/a n/a

Irrecoverable projects

These projects are severely damaged in one way or another. In some cases there is no data, in others we can only deliver data without any navigation correction.

Julian day Project code Site name Status Tickets


These tickets relate to issues with the various projects:

GB2007/07, flight day 102a/2007, Inverclyde
BGS2007/02, flight day 172/2007
GB2004/19, flight day 102b/2007, Nigg Bay
GB2005/02, flight day 109a/2007, Dee Estuary
GB2007/05, flight day 103a/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 103b/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 103c/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/07, flight day 191a/2007, Inverclyde
CEH2007/01 (GB2007/12), flight day 240/2007, Buckingham
GB2007/05, flight day 116a/2007, Windermere
GB07/05, flight day 116b/2007, Esthwaite
CEH2007/06 (GB2007/12), flight day 192c/2007, Didcott
CEH2007/05 (GB2007/12), flight day 171a/2007, Wytham woods
CEH2007/05 (GB2007/12), flight day 73/2007, Wytham Woods
GB2007/05, flight day 234d/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 234b/2007, Loch Leven
GB2007/05, flight day 234a/2007, Windermere/Esthwaite
GB2006/07, flight day 241a/2007, Silver Flowe
GB2007/07, flight day 241b/2007, Inverclyde
GB2004/11, flight day 261/2007, Plymouth
GB2005/03, flight day 254a/2007, Harwood
GB2004/03, flight day 171a/2007, Huntingdon/Cambridge
GB2007/06, flight day 192b/2007, New Forest
GB2007/06, flight day 192a/2007, Dorchester
GB2007/03, flight day 233/2007, "Four Welsh sites"
BGS07/02, flight day 248/2007, Latera
IPY07/11, flight day 200/2007, Helheim+Kanger
IPY07/10, flight day 201/2007, Russell Glacier
IPY07/10, flight day 203/2007, Russell Glacier
IPY07/10, flight day 204/2007, Russell Glacier
IPY07/11, flight day 205a/2007, Helheim
IPY07/11, flight day 205b/2007, Kanger
IPY07/02, flight day 213/2007, Þingvallavatn
IPY07/06, flight day 217b/2007, Green Box
IPY07/11, flight day 200a/2007, Helheim
IPY07/11, flight day 200b/2007, Kanger
IPY07/09, flight day 219a/2007, Krafla
IPY07/09, flight day 219b/2007, Krafla
IPY07/12, flight day 214a/2007, Skeioararjokull
IPY07/13, flight day 214b/2007, Skeidararjokull
IPY07/12, flight day 214d/2007, Skeioararjokull
IPY07/08, flight day 214ef/2007, Langjökull