Processing Order

This page gives the provisional order in which NERC-ARF-DAN will process the data for each project (2009 data onwards). As standard we choose the order in which to process data first by project alpha grading and second by date flown, but we may make exceptions to this - names in italics have been moved from where they would be in the standard order. Please note that this order is subject to change without notice. If your project is not on this page, or it is but not all the sensors you expect are listed, then it is probably being processed, see the relevant project ticket for more information. If we are processing several flight days from the same project code close together in time then we may wait until processing for all flight days has been completed before dispatching data - please contact us if you would like us not to do this.

Sensors in italic have had their priorities increased, and sensors in bold have had their progress blocked for some reason. Please check the progress page for more details on blocked sensors.

Primary sensors

This list is for sensors specifically requested in the NERC-ARF application (i.e. required for the science case). If a sensor was not requested but was flown anyway please contact NERC-ARF-DAN to arrange a separate processing agreement.

Project code Flight day/year Site name Sensors Priority Ticket
GB15/00287/2015Little Rissington Owl CameraUrgent603
Harmony2022179/2022Suffolk CoastOwlUrgent693
GB15/00287/2015Little Rissington LiDARUrgent603
GB17/106212/2017New ForestOwl Fenix CameraUrgent626
GB18/56135/2018Suffolk, Nottinghamshire and LincolnshireCameraUrgent630
GB18/56135b/2018NottinghamshireFenix OwlUrgent
GB18/56135c/2018LincolnshireFenix OwlUrgent
Magic/21238/2021Kiruna, SwedenCameraUrgent681
Magic/21239/2021Kiruna, SwedenCameraUrgent682
Magic/21235b/2021Kiruna, SwedenCameraUrgent686
Magic/21235d/2021Kiruna, SwedenCameraUrgent688
Harmony2022179/2022Suffolk CoastCameraUrgent693
MA14/08317/2014North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest, MalaysiaCameraAlpha 5561
MA14/07315/2014Tangjung Balau, MalaysiaCamera LiDARAlpha 5565
CA18/207224a/2018Ontario, CanadaOwlAlpha 4h637
RG12/11100/2015LincolnshireCameraNOT KNOWN572
RG12/11100/2015LincolnshireCameraNOT KNOWN572

Secondary sensors

Project code Flight day/year Site name Sensors Priority Ticket
SELEX14/01152b/2014SelexCamera LiDARUrgent531
GB12/00291a/2012Little RissingtonCamera LiDARUrgent466
GB12/0082/2012Little RissingtonCameraUrgent433
GB13/00128/2013Little RissingtonCamera LiDARUrgent476
GB13/00192/2013Little RissingtonCameraUrgent485
GB13/00308a/2013Little RissingtonCameraUrgent507
EUFAR15/68270/2015River Ain, FranceFenixUrgent605
GB14/00182/2014Little RissingtonCameraUrgent526
EUFAR15/68272/2015River Ain, FranceOwlUrgent608
EUFAR15/28271b/2015Mont BlancOwlUrgent607
EUFAR15/28271a/2015Mont BlancOwlUrgent606
EUFAR15/68270/2015River Ain, FranceOwlUrgent605
GB14/0067/2014Little RissingtonCameraUrgent510
GB14/00216/2014Little RissingtonCamera LiDARUrgent532
GB14/00238/2014Little RissingtonCamera FenixUrgent538
PG14/01304/2014Kuamut Forest, MalaysiaFenixAlpha 5
PG14/01304/2014Kuamut Forest, MalaysiaLiDAR CameraAlpha 5
RG13/06302a/2014Maliau Basin, MalaysiaFenixAlpha 5554
PG14/01302b/2014Kuamut Forest, MalaysiaFenixAlpha 5564
ATSC15/28168/2015AlbaceteOwlAlpha 4h583
ATSC15/28168/2015AlbaceteLiDARAlpha 4h583
GB18/106184a/2018Wytham WoodsOwlAlpha 4m634
RG15/18290a/2015RibbleOwlAlpha 4m611
GB18/66178/2018Sefton CoastOwlAlpha 4m633
EM10/07143/2010TrapaniCamera Eagle Hawk LiDARAlpha 4m338
GB18/56184b/2018HarwellCameraAlpha 4m635
GB18/186177a/2018Whitsand BayOwlAlpha 4m631
ES17/126171/2017Alto TajoFenix OwlNot required622
RG12/1198b/2015LincolnshireFenix LiDAR OwlNot funded
RG12/1198a/2015LincolnshireLiDAR OwlNot funded
RG12/1198a/2015LincolnshireFenixNot funded
RG12/11187/2015LincolnshireLiDAR FenixNot funded586
EUFAR15/28273/2015Mont BlancCamera Fenix LiDARNot funded609
EUFAR15/58244b/2015HoluhraunOwlNot funded599
RG12/11187/2015LincolnshireOwlNot funded586
RG12/11160/2015LinconshireOwlNot funded580
EUFAR15/38170/2015MallorcaOwlNOT KNOWN584
EUFAR15/38169b/2015MallorcaOwlNOT KNOWN585
EUFAR15/38169a/2015MallorcaOwlNOT KNOWN581
EUFAR15/28175a/2015Mont BlancOwlNOT KNOWN588
EUFAR15/28175b/2015Mont BlancOwlNOT KNOWN587
RANNIS15/28244a/2015Hekla. IcelandOwlNOT KNOWN598

This list is for sensors flown but not specifically requested in the NERC-ARF application (i.e. not required for the science case). If a sensor was not requested but was flown anyway, please contact NERC-ARF-DAN to arrange a separate processing agreement.

Delivery checking

This list shows projects for which processing has been completed and they are awaiting final QC checking prior to delivery to the PI. When the project is removed from this list it is being checked and should be ready for dispatch shortly, unless problems are found during final QC. Note that because some sensors are processed separately for each flight, the fact that a project is on this list means only that at least one category of sensor has completed processing, not necessarily all that were flown.

Project code Flight day/year Site name Sensors Priority Ticket
Magic/21236/2021Kiruna, SwedenFenixUrgent684
Magic/21239/2021Kiruna, SwedenFenixUrgent682
Magic/21233a/2021Kiruna, SwedenFenixUrgent679